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Now New player or little one can run away the game :)

kyvoskenta77kyvoskenta77 Posts: 86 Arc User
Congratulations PWE !

You fixed a bug after 2 week people abuse it ! So fast for one time ... But did you think how it will change the view of people about the server ?
As strong and rich player that will not really do anythings to me ... But think about new player who will never reach Mortal gear full +36 when everyone before them got it ... Or people who didn't have time to exploit the bug for got it ? They got only one thing to do ... Leave the game !
If you wanna solve it you can also create an items people got from a new quest ... And that items make all your mortal gear +36 ...

For one time a bug was good for everyone ... But you still not fix annoying bug or take so long #CombatBug


  • mikoyummimikoyummi Posts: 182 Arc User
    They screwed up big time , and to late for rollback now . One way to do it is to selling enhance stone for 1c so new player n player with low gold can make +36 gear . Other wise it well over unbalance for them cuz player who got to exploit can spit at them n they die lol
    LadyAthina - BootyGrabber Queen- >:)
  • queenforadayqueenforaday Posts: 2 Arc User
    Speaking of new players, or in my case returning players, can x30 exp orb events come back? It doesn't make sense to have an expiration on that especially since there is a level cap anyway. Lvling in this game takes forever, and it makes it no less painful with x10 exp orb.

    I got to use the bug twice and used it to buy ref stones for my MG, but I can't use them bc gears are level locked, and me being only level 80, why would I waste my ref stones. My gems are on the same level as most high level people in the server, but can't say the same for gears because of my level.

    So please, please, PLEASE bring back x30 exp orbs.
  • mv06#8166 mv06 Posts: 4 Arc User
    merge old server n open new server pls xD
  • njalillnjalill Posts: 3 Arc User
    looks like u guys don't know how PWE works.

    in a few weeks at most, they will release lv125 gear.

    Upgrading to 125 will destroy your nice full 36 gear UNLESS u buy a pricey cash shop item for every piece in order to save your precious enhancement level. Or something PWEish like that.

    Big spenders will be the only full 36 people left
    Other old timers will struggle to get back a lv24 gear with enhancement xp. And will try forever to reach 30
    Newbies will just go to 125 directly, and start enhancing from there.

    SMO natural food chain will be restored.
    pvp will be unfair and unfun again
    and everybody will be back to afking for mail rewards.

    This bug was prolly the best thing that ever happened in this game since beta. But they HAD to kill it.

  • alt#5726 alt Posts: 106 Arc User
    @njalill its true what you are saying, simply food chain of pwe have to continue. This game is build for milking. I can already predict actions from pwe.
    Step 1: release new expansion with new upgrade systems.
    Step 2: wait 1-2 months put upgradables in special spend event
    Step 3: dissapier for few months.
    Then cycle continues :wink:
  • gaukler68#5407 gaukler68 Posts: 162 Arc User
    edited April 14
    i just wanted you to know;) they changed something, i tried something out with an alt and now its easier to get gears +36 my alt needed only 500-700 stones from 0-36 one part. so i think everyone will have better chances now. but you are right, if you say pwe is still making too much mistakes! it begins with no informations for new and old players, no answers if you have questions, too few employee, no gm´s in game, the game is too complex for new players with no support, the drops at mirage and dp are like closed beta and nobody needs! im running this daily fast for activity and not for playing or fun :( i will wait for next big update, until then i do daily activity for pack, log in alts for packs .... and playing an other game :p
    im playing two years now and i think i dont know everything XD.
    but one thing i know ;) i know that game better than german support, they are the worst i ever got to know -.- they dont even know the simplest things! Yes this game is build for milking, but arent they all? ppl you have the choice ;)
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  • poha90#3909 poha90 Posts: 8 Arc User
    tell me gm how we can make one formation stone lvl 8 with dp ? and how many years we need ? arround 100 years ? and dragon palms never will fix this bug ? u dont understand players cant do pvp cuz this game is so pay to win and pvp make this game alive
  • spacechrist89spacechrist89 Posts: 55 Arc User
    @njalill What do you mean pvp will be unfair and unfun again? THERE WONT BE ANY PVP notice how people started wanting to pvp once bug was there, now no one wants to pvp anymore since the bug is gone, this bug was an oasis in a desert that those snitching players that reported it have it evaporate!
  • loky73loky73 Posts: 79 Arc User
    which dragon palm bug ? is no bug make all 2 mincd and give all lv 8 emblems free
  • anneshannesh Posts: 7 Arc User
    dragon palms dont have bug ? can kill u with 2 hits and u cant block, u cant counter u cant evade u dont need know pvp now just need one dragon palms and u can kill easy dont need more school skills hahahahahha
  • alt#5726 alt Posts: 106 Arc User
    edited April 16
    Dragon palms are "bugged" CD, dmg, speed of it. It is untold truth, but pwe did it intentionally to rise sales on boxes. One dude Greensomething was posting fake 2 min Cd's of private china server. After I did expose him never saw him again.. It won't change.. you just gotta deal with that. P2w like to have advantage and feel special about it. PWE know it.
  • loky73loky73 Posts: 79 Arc User
    DP kill is is honar haha is nothing for noobs ^^ want more dark lost art like this with upgrade too beat stupid ppl with element dmg
  • poha90#3909 poha90 Posts: 8 Arc User
    pvp is dead in this server because dp spam only pay to win players think this skill is normal u cant evade kill with one or two hits is one retarded skill , fix this bug on dp and pvp will be better
  • loky73loky73 Posts: 79 Arc User
    @ poha haha this commnet is joking .... i must soo laugh watch pvp cn there is more dark l A as each server and pvp is alive . all ppl who cry over pvp without dp are tardis only 2 min cd . but crying as noob die and be quit . let the fix all bugs for more fun .
  • poha90#3909 poha90 Posts: 8 Arc User
    look one dark la kill with 2 hits its is a joking, ofc u dont want one nerf cuz u have one dp and think ppl need pay to be strong all cash players love dragon palms like u
  • poha90#3909 poha90 Posts: 8 Arc User
    dont forgot dragon palms come bound for help cash players them this game is pay ti win adn dont forgot too formation stone lvl 8 that u need 100 years in demon pit for make one hhahahahahah
  • loky73loky73 Posts: 79 Arc User
    poha yreally

    go farm 1000 years for lost - remember if comes first time l a rt in game ............
  • alt#5726 alt Posts: 106 Arc User
    Yes it is p2w it is being runned by Perfect wood entertainment.
    @loky73 Ryo nice english
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