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1/1/18 - 1/14/18 New Year’s Resolution Event (Rewards Posted)

jimwitts#5918 jimwitts Posts: 134 Moderator
edited January 16 in General Discussion
Hello Swordsmen and Swordswomen!

The New Year is upon on us, and in the New Year we like to take stock and set goals for ourselves. In that spirit, post your New Year’s resolutions on the forum and work towards community rewards!

• Let's keep it civil and PG... please
• 1 post per person, but you can list as many resolutions as you want on that post

• Reward codes will be given out to everyone based on the number of posts.
• The more people to submit resolutions, the more rewards the community will earn.
• Every 50, 100, and 200 resolutions submitted by the community will earn rewards!
• Codes will be posted on Tuesday 01/16/18

Posts (Rewards)
x50 (Advanced Smelting Stone x20)
x100 (Kunlun Feather x5, Kunlun Plume x1, Stardust x30)
x200 (White Fox Token x1, Shooting Star Pack x5, Phoenix Pill x15, Lv3 Reinvigoration Pill x5)

Reward Are Here!
  • x50 Post Reward KWEOIW1i
  • Advanced Smelting Stone x80
  • x100 Post Reward qn0EZTB7
  • kunlun feather x10
  • kunlun plume x2
  • Stardust x60
  • x200 Post Reward 3Ui7Q9wl
  • white fox token x1
  • Shooting Star Pack x5
  • Phoenix Pill x15
  • LV3 Reinvigoration Pill x5

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  • krazeynerdkrazeynerd Posts: 1 Arc User
    Less bug, more fashion
  • beli08beli08 Posts: 70 Arc User
    My New Year's resolutions are:
    - Craft wonderful things and have success with them;
    - Get a new cute pet
  • malk3003malk3003 Posts: 13 Arc User
    My New Year's resolutions are:
    Improvements at guild.
    I want a Meteorite.
    Get a cool fashion.
  • zerooone777zerooone777 Posts: 10 Arc User
    Here is mine......

    "I want quit game,in 2k18"

    B) B)
  • mirageland#9879 mirageland Posts: 2 Arc User
    edited January 2
    1. To have DYES on SALE in Marketplace. PLEASE! :'(
    2. To get a new fashion or see the re-release of Yearning Outfit/Rose Cape.
    3. To get a flying mount or see them added for a week.
    4. To see more actual in-game events... tired of just logging in to do dailies then log off.

    RL though: To do well in my studies...
  • loky73loky73 Posts: 66 Arc User
    fix bugs
    make all dark Lost 2 min cd

    make sycees for ppl tradable

    new gems in sycees shop like private server

    more class special skills

  • rapeyomomrapeyomom Posts: 9 Arc User
    Fix bugs, new fashion, new pack that includes Dragon Palm.
  • bblouis#6566 bblouis Posts: 3 Arc User
    edited January 2
    mouse 1 and 2 key can be modify

    "aim toggle can be on/off

    characters or toons cnt "overlap or must bump to one another to make it more realistic and for strategy reasons"

    blood shard cn be drop in hero mode instance

    x30 xp shall be back

    add more class or schools

    less lag on arena

  • saad#3770 saad Posts: 1 Arc User
    My New years resolution :-Get a x30 code for gods sake .Quit smoking and drinking.Get a beautiful girl friend.
  • snnchw88snnchw88 Posts: 7 Arc User
    - anything can be bought by sycee and coins
    - prepare event to earn all the items for self character improvement on gem, gear and so on.
  • koyomi#8816 koyomi Posts: 2 Arc User
    new useful items (pet gears, Rings,charms,) or new stats.
    new instances like RAI, but be active all days , new bosses, new items from new bosses
  • alt#5726 alt Posts: 80 Arc User
    Rewards are troll :D unless they have hiden an extra that it is not in a list. Secondly this is resolutions for yourself not swordsman team aka PWE. @loky73 what you are saying does not make any sense simply because all dark lost art cooldowns are 10 minutes, only PWE made dragon palms 2 minutes to get better sales on the packs that drop them. Rather ask them to put dragon palms on 10 minds.. PWE avoid talking about it. @bblouis#6566 changes like you want is simply impossible sadly because we are "side b1ch" our region is dependant on China all the decisions are made in China.
  • loky73loky73 Posts: 66 Arc User
    at @alt ofc make it sence if y make all 10 min all dark lost nobody buy this packs !! more fun pvp 10 min cd nonsins for LA . s

    is same nerf all skills on 1 cd like useless!
  • dzoleedzolee Posts: 166 Arc User
    My New Year's resolutions are:
    - get the pet gears with the same stats and number of stars that I had before last expansion,
    - get one shotted by grabs of all classes, not just emeis,
    - join Sinful guild, become friend with Tuz and move toward new game order,
    - burn the witch MindW at the stake and burry her with Mantle Ripple,
    - get the reduce skill charge exe. for faster burial,

    Well that's it :)
    dzoLee ®
    Shaolin LV121
  • alt#5726 alt Posts: 80 Arc User
    @loky73 dark la's are meant to be 10 minutes because they are overpowered and game changing skills. They offer effects like no other LA or skill in game. Example acculocked effect that accupuncture on steroids or impervious that's stable on steroids.. There is no counter play on being dark LA'ed as well.
  • fok1#8775 fok1 Posts: 17 Arc User
    I wish the Guild Alliance back :D
  • loky73loky73 Posts: 66 Arc User
    @alt dark la's are meant to be 10 minutes because they are overpowered and game changing skills. They offer effects like no other LA or skill in game. Example acculocked effect that accupuncture on steroids or impervious that's stable on steroids.. There is no counter play on being dark LA'ed as well.

    @alt thats bull shit , alot of ppl cash only for this skills

    is balancing for overpowerskills like gs, thypoon , cf .......
  • sqbi#1551 sqbi Posts: 3 Arc User
    edited January 2
    repair bug with Fox event and battlefield crate should be only for 1 char on account
  • roguevegetaroguevegeta Posts: 214 Arc User
    My new year resolution :
    -get more damage so i can 1 shot that ugly chiby Mindwalker(Minted)
    -get more fire dot so i can actually burn her and laugh when shes loosing her hp second by second
    -make mindwalker uninstall
    thats it....ty dzole i took idea from ur resolution <3
  • roguevegetaroguevegeta Posts: 214 Arc User
    btw jim...the 7 star gears from UG salary are not givin to players above lvl 121...and these event rewards are pretty lame T_T
  • alchemitsalchemits Posts: 3 Arc User
    My New Year's resolutions:
    1) Increase the maximum level of stellar items to 130
    2) To introduce more seasonal events, this year we did not see Santa Claus ...
    3) New ways to obtain elements of stones other than the Demon Tower, for example, add a chance of falling into instances
    4) Personal living space (house, apartment, etc.) with purchased items to create an interior
    5) Instance of fashion (An event in which it is possible to obtain elements of fashionable clothing with purchased opportunities for change)
  • alt#5726 alt Posts: 80 Arc User
    edited January 2
    GUNSLINGER: can be dodged/mitigated/stoped/blocked (ofc you will go red status after)
    TYPHOON: can be dodged/mitigated/and it have particular condition to one shot target(target must stay still in it)
    CHIFORCE: chi force projectile speed is slow/can be dodged/blocked/can be mitigated/condition to do high dmg is target must be exposed.
  • loky73loky73 Posts: 66 Arc User
    @ alt y wanna really discu over la ? funny y can all dodge or survive ( if y have enough status stats whatever)

    i say dark lost is other option as only the stupid macro using for spam tear skills

    if y remember ppl wait like over 3 years for it !

  • jaxemraujaxemrau Posts: 34 Arc User
    New Years Resolution
    To be more helpful to my friends.
  • reaper24#3602 reaper24 Posts: 1 Arc User
    -less buggs
    - new fashion
    - new mounts
    - more Free to play items
    - get fashions from cash shop allso in silver token market for F2P players
    - better cash pack drops ( Succes rate is to low )
    - higher lvl cap
    - better quest rewards ( make it worth doing quests )
    - thats kinda it <3

    hope you can do some of the things atleast <3

    wishing ya`ll a verry good 2018 and allot of luck

  • siperkasa1siperkasa1 Posts: 1 Arc User
    My new year resolutions:

    1. if possible please make all server less lag because so many player play in asian region with high ping. even reduce packet loss to server or reduce ping 10-20 ms it help alot. especially for the arena and other pvp.

    2. Dont make this game too pay to win. example like dark art, key box and runjades can only be obtained with sycee. sure if ppl who can charge then they can get more item easier and faster. i agree on this. But supposedly all players can get all that. Although with more effort and more difficult way. This is main reason of many players who can not stand and stop playing because many limitations due to not having a sycee.

    3. Please do something about "dragon palm". This is no doubt and has often been tested. This LA 1 shoot player for sure unless that player has really low damage. Even if player with +6 mortal gear can 1 shoot player with full +30 mortal and full VI gems & resists with 1 button. No idea, but i advice 2 min cd for instance and 10 min for open world. i believe this LA still the most usefull LA even though with 10 min cd.

    4. Fix bug like blue crystal not on gem V bag. so many player with ice build quit because of it.

    5. Make cross server available for US and EU with stable connection for pvp event like snow battlefield and direwolf. it would make this game much more lively and interesting.
  • isqbi#5124 isqbi Posts: 1 Arc User
    more events - more fashions
  • cachaco89cachaco89 Posts: 21 Arc User
    My New Year's resolutions are:
    -Improvements at guild.
    -I want a Meteorite.
    -New events, events GM, better rewards.
    -Fix bugs skills
  • aio#8593 aio Posts: 4 Arc User
    My New Year's resolutions are:

    -I want a Meteorite.
    -Events GM, better rewards.
    -More chance % boxs
    -New events
  • porbidus01porbidus01 Posts: 4 Arc User
    New Year's resolution

    - A Dragon Mount :D :D :D
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