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Hello Swordsman community,

There will be a regular maintenance on Wednesday @ 11:00PM PT.

- New items: Star Jade Chest, Mortality Pack, Dark Priest Fashion, Firefly Fashion, Crane Feather, Blessed White Elephant, Dunyi's Ribbon
- Ending: Divinity Gem Pack, Scorpion Voodoo Fashion, Sentient Spirit Fashion, Scorpion King Mount, Burning Charger Mount, Dust Mask
- Discount: 50% off Fashion - Dyes, 50% off Star Jade Chest


  • hanabi#2568 hanabi Posts: 6 Arc User
    how about side by side error?
  • hanabi#2568 hanabi Posts: 6 Arc User
    can u fix it
  • loky73loky73 Posts: 58 Arc User
    pve can y fix the bugs ? or y want really from the Money from ppl? otherwise boycott the cashshop if pve fix game!
  • gaukler68#5407 gaukler68 Posts: 145 Arc User
    edited September 14
    too many stupid ppl pay as much as you can buy a car or a small house :p
    so they dont need to fix anything .... enouph money from them for the buggy servers
    Post edited by gaukler68#5407 on
  • alt#5726 alt Posts: 64 Arc User
    Thnx pwe another great game balancing patch love it and keep up good work :D
  • cujoudez#8703 cujoudez Posts: 17 Arc User
    Combat bug fix when?
  • dmolcdurdmolcdur Posts: 54 Arc User
    Where's new Code ? Will it be belated again ? Noobs
    Server: Xia
    Name: ItsthePoison renamed in Rhapsody
    Lv 115 Five Venom

  • gcoy00gcoy00 Posts: 164 Arc User
    and again fix ur freaking game pwe with a few small changes ul gain twice the money u get now ^^
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