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  • Oculus: Well it will probably be a bit before she gets back wanna relax together Jaessa? Just sip some hot cocoa and watch something?
  • Oculus: Thank you. *she smiles* I think you look beautiful too. *she closes up the part of the T3 she was looking at* Okay I can see what he couldn't fix it it's like someone took a lightsaber to his internals. Basically all of this in here is junk …
  • Oculus: *comes out having also changed her eye mask* I don't know if I can get him working but I can atleast probably figure out what's wrong with him. Ethrit has a T3 unit himself so he'd probably be better suited for this. *she gets out some tools…
  • Oculus: Well it can't hurt for me to take a look, I won't break anything. *she calls out from her room, changing out of her armor and into her relaxed sith robes, reminiscent of Visa's marr's robes but instead they lack the skirt and are designed fo…
  • Oculus: Could be you just don't have the right parts. This thing is atleast three thousand years old. I'll take a look at it after I get changed. *she goes into her room and gathers up some of her more casual robes* *** Jessica: *She sighs* Th…
  • Oculus: I can probably get it working. I learned a bit about droid maintenance thanks to HK 51. *Oculus is still dressed in a makeshift mercenary gear. Armor more similar to mandalorians than a Sith assassin* I should probably get changed.
  • Oculus: I'm guessing Briana has been busy. Go ahead and take it. *She stands up and stretches, taking a good look at the robes Jaessa is wearing. *** S'zer: You ever fought the hurq yet? *He leads the way to one of the pylons still trying to c…
  • Susan: Maybe we should just relax. *she sighs*
    in rp Comment by westx211 May 21
  • Oculus: No it's just us 3. *she throws away the core of her apple* Did my hangover cure help, Jaessa? *** Ethrit: No that will be all. *he hands the wait a credit chit to pay for everything* *** S'zer: The Hurq have taken two pyl…
  • Ethrit: We do have chocolate. *he nods*
  • Ethrit: Its because Bantha's make blue milk. *he shrugs*
  • Ethrit: No most of the milk in this galaxy is blue milk which comes from banthas. It tastes great and is a major export on desert worlds.
  • Oculus: So soon? *she blushes and watches Jaessa go back inside and she sighs, leaning forward and resting her face on the table* *** Ethrit: Dessert is fine just pick something you think sounds good.
  • Ethrit: Its probably better if I take care of it, it would look odd to pay with coins at a place like this.
  • Oculus: Its not odd at all. *She smiles* Though you might want to put some pants on at this rate.
  • ryan218 wrote: » westx211 wrote: » ryan218 wrote: » westx211 wrote: » ryan218 wrote: » westx211 wrote: » Susan: Well they brought in Jane I thought you would be in a worse mood. Daya: I dunno... Jane was like a friend t…
    in rp Comment by westx211 May 21
  • (Mara Jade isn't really that big of a deal yet and I'm not sure who Roganda is. I'm talking about during this time which is still right after Episode 4, they won't get to Hoth for another few years.)
  • Oculus: Yes and so do I. *she nods* Though for me that was because of an incident on belsavis. (A planet probably lost to time so I doubt anyone still knows about it) *** (I'm assuming Rose is in charge of security so I think they're stuck …
  • (But they're not immortal and you've toned down your op stuff. Also who would be in charge of security?)
  • Ethrit: Vitiate is beyond a normal force user now. He was the sith emperor from our time and He is seemingly non corporeal. I killed his host body and he's still kicking, and he can consume the life force of an entire planet to make himself stronger…
  • Ethrit: She seems to have taken a liking to Oculus, I think there's a good chance she'll return with us. Might be helpful to have another force user in case we ever come across Vitiate again.
  • (It was a red alert not intruder alert, red alerts go off the moment combat begins not the moment boarders get inside)
  • Ethrit: It could be another few years before the war ends. *** *S'zer pulls out a modified phaser pistol, seemingly based on elite fleet phasers but its all black and its trimmed down* S'zer: *He taps his combadge contacting security* This …
  • S'zer: Shall we go shoot some bugs? *** Ethrit: Oh that? We could probably go back in a day or so, I doubt the empire knows we even want to return and they weren't defending it at all so since we ran they'll probably leave the place alone.
  • Oculus: *she turns bright red* A-all of it. I thought you were asleep and Jakara wouldn't let me go in to check on you so I took a peak. *** Ethrit: It sounds like a good idea. Would probably be a lot of fun for all of us.
  • (not yet, ran out of money and its going to be a few more days before I get some more to check it out)
  • (Well I would say more stuff with Ethrit but without Hoan as the waiter we'll just wind up hitting a block there, and I'm stuck waiting on other people for all other avenues for myself.) (I'm open to any topics for discussion)
  • (But basically, regardless of if the planet is the center of the holonet or just stores the information, the black codex was made and was capable of completely erasing some information from the entire holonet permanently so it means that potentially…
  • (Oh I remember why they wanted to do it, they wanted to wipe out all force users in the galaxy. Believing them to solely be the cause of all the problems and I remember how now, they were going to use the codex to give both the Republic and the Jedi…
  • (The codex was made on the planet I'm talking about and then the cabal(star wars illuminati) took it back to their headquarters. They had planned to use the codex to destroy both the republic and the sith empire but I don't really remember how they …