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  • *oculus' mental assault...does absolutely nothing because machines can't feel emotions and can't be driven to madness, so the reaper is free to continue attacking krystal while using telekinetic gales to buffet briana*​​
  • or in fallout, bears a resemblance to something you'd find in a modern day torture room​​
  • (strip dominoes?)​​
  • (Quote) yes, they are 'similar' in the same way the tzen'tar dreadnought is similar to the cardassian hutet - they aren't the same model even if they have the same general silhouette​​
  • (yeah, something about saving power or something like that - i don't recall the exact thing he said)​​
  • (doesn't help when he turns it off after 10)​​
  • (also, i just realized something - we kind of...left raneson behind)​​
  • (well, we're going to have to wait on west now, since i figure oculus is going to try and be the first into matt's head to free him...you'd think briana would be trying to help her girlfriend)​​
  • (well, no - krystal's going to have to be helped by everyone else once they've been liberated, because i think at this point she's probably curled up in a ball inside her own head)​​
  • (i should also point out that in order to keep that assault up, he has to create a link between his mind and everyone else's and keep it open - which can be exploited, if you know what i mean - just gotta find the portal in your mind's eye of cours…
  • *the reaper lets out a high-pitched screech with a machine-like quality to it and flings krystal away from it again before leaping at her and attacking with fang and claw* (picture a nazgul screech, but with a robotic quality to it - that's what i …
  • (i don't know how the storyline of the sith...she is a sorcerer, right? - goes)​​
  • *the reaper retaliates against the continued resistance...by using his thrall's mental abilities to force its way into everyone's minds and begins dredging up all their worst memories and greatest failures, krystal seeing flashing images of the borg…
  • *the lycan's fist comes up and strikes krystal in the side of the muzzle - hard, a pulse of concentrated air then erupting from his body in an omnidirectional wave, sending krystal and anyone else nearby flying away as he struggles to his feet befor…
  • (yes, we finished ME2 years ago, and the reapers are already in both galaxies, and now they've just invaded andromeda's earth) *the reaper goes flying into the ground and barely manages to raise a shield against the lightning before he's set upon b…
  • (define 'assault') *briana finds herself being lifted in the air, then slammed down on what should be blasted concrete and asphalt, but feels more like carpeted metal - confirming her theory they never actually left the exeter - followed by a press…
  • yeah, you know, i could understand removing a BROKEN map from randoms, like they did with cure ground when it was still uncompletable several months ago ( did they ever re-add that map to RTFO after fixing it, btw?), but there isn't anything wrong w…
  • (tala IS going to want to know about that transmission, i hope?) *krystal finds herself hanging in mid-air, along with everyone else as the metal plating and tendrils start to glow white-hot before melting into pools of slag* you still continue to …
  • *meanwhile, on the bridge of the exeter, whoever is manning the internal sensors for the ship gets screeched at by the ship's computer that an intense amount of electromagnetic radiation and a whole lot of other different types of energy emissions h…
  • (no, an illusion is something that doesn't actually exist - they're being shown a vision of the reapers invading andromeda earth)​​
  • (i mean...they ARE still technically on the exeter...but that was no illusion)​​
  • *the reaper telekinetically hurls briana away again, followed by oculus before she can establish a firm link to the lycan's mind, then effortlessly blocks the stream of water before dispersing the unstable elemental - and the darkness now vanishes, …
  • (the tattoo only blocks DEMONIC possession...and the reapers, despite their appearance, are not demons) *the reaper easily dispels the air blast with the use of his puppet's power and turns his head slightly, briana suddenly finding herself being l…
  • sovereign: the one you knew is gone - only we remain *and as the lycan's body begins levitating, black lightning starts to arc around him just as a cloud of pitch-black smoke comes rushing down the corridor, engulfing the entire group in utter darkn…
  • matt: so weak, so...vulnerable *he continues, the shadows starting to thicken around the pair, matt's voice starting to take on a frighteningly familiar tone - that of the fallen reaper sovereign*​​
  • matt: and you respond...poorly! *he says, his voice taking on an echoing tone and his eyes taking on a crimson hue, wisps of black smoke starting to spread through the bottom of the corridor*​​
  • it was only 4 days over, sheesh...it's not like he resurrected a thread from 2010 like some idiots have done​​
  • matt: no, not the same result - i don't let MY fear rule me and turn me into a useless lump in the middle of a crisis! *he snaps, fangs bared, the plate of spotted d.ick falling from his grip and shattering on the floor*​​
  • matt: no, i got it because i got possessed TWICE and i was getting sick of being used as a demon's meatsuit!​​
  • um...you do realize that fed, kdf and roms can all use jem'hadar ships, romulans can use all their ally's ships aside from a few special cases and fed, kdf and jem'hadar can use all romulan ships (again, aside from a few special cases)? by the end …