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  • I found what may be a solution to this problem - I stumbled upon it by accident when looking at the rep window. I saw a message that stated my skills had to be retrained to pick active rep traits. I hit the button and retrained and *poof* my missi…
  • pwlaughingtrendy wrote: » The team is aware of and are addressing missing Starship Traits: * Weapon Systems Synergy * Superweapon Ingenuity * Explosive Polarity Shift If you're aware of any other missing traits, please let me know. …
  • I realize this is post is an older one, but does anyone know of a way to look at the overall Armada via gateway? I don't have a toon in all 13 fleets in our Armada but it would be nice to be able to call out for support on projects via Trillian whe…
  • jack24bau3r wrote: » Flying a borg ship makes more sense than flying a bioship. "we captured an unlimited amount of bioships, got some shovels and shoveled out the goo that comprised it, we threw some support beams up and added some consoles so…
  • notapwefan wrote: » the interior of undine ship reminds me of a huge TRIBBLE, and if you look closely then you might spot a giant TRIBBLE. I noticed that Nicor Bio-Warship bridge map looks a little like phallic also... Anatomy aside thou…
  • I'm having a different issue than the one posted above. I purchased Foundry slots prior to Season 9 and was working on a project in my spare time. Since the Season 9 Patch I am unable to access the Foundry.
  • Go figure I get my kid to sleep and the servers crash... now what am I to do...