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  • "Looks like somebody needs a nap," remarked Sarah, having just walked into the Astrolounge, "maybe try to not injure yourself in the process? That can't possibly be comfortable."
  • Earth Spacedock, Brig General Toros arrived in the brig, and was escorted to a separate holding cell by several M.A.C.O.s. "You can't hold me here forever, you know," taunted Toros, "you'd better keep an eye out."
  • Banned because I wasn't aware we left all the voting results up to the Russians.
  • "That's what I thought," replied the admiral, getting up, "come see me in a week or so, and I'll see if anything's open. I'll... be busy with paperwork in the meanwhile." Nat started to walk elsewhere. "See you around, captain."
  • Admiral Nat deadpanned Elric. "If they weren't succeeding, would we still be sitting here, seemingly safe and sound?" He took another look at his PADD. "Remind me to assign you guys to a diplomatic first contact mission sometime. It'd be a nice cha…
  • "Yeah, sounds about right," replied the admiral, "let's hope the next crisis is... smaller. I'm tired of all existence as we know it always being the one we're worrying about, you know?"
  • Perhaps.
  • The changeling briefly glanced at Elric, then turned around and walked off into an Iconian Gateway. The admiral turned to Elric, picking up the device again, "was there anything else I needed to be interrupted by?"
  • "Oh, what do you mean, not you?" asked the admiral, "I'm sure you helped neutralize it somehow? As for the other things, I'll be sure to make note of them." A redshirt walked over to the admiral carrying a PADD, and handed it to him. Nat thanked th…
  • All new guests are banned in the same tradition as the others. As for you... you're banned, because I can.
  • Maintenance is over now, guys. Go play STO and leave me as the winner of the thread, lol
  • "Evidently so," replied the admiral, sitting down nearby, "thankfully we'll actually have a moment to enjoy it, I've ordered time off for all of us." He looked out the window silently for a few moments. "By the way, have anything to report? I hear …
  • Drat, the "vote up" button doesn't move the post up, thereby making it any "earlier" post...
  • Banned by all the new buttons under our posts.
  • The admiral finished his coffee, looking to Malin, "well, I think I'm done here. See you around." Malin nodded in reply, taking another sip from his raktajino. Admiral Nat wandered by the astrolounge, noting Elric. The admiral headed in his ge…
  • Banned for not letting the sentient hair tell us about itself instead.
  • Earth Spacedock, Club 47 General Malin entered club 47, looking around and getting a cup of Raktajino. He spotted Admiral Nat sitting alone at an otherwise empty table, so Malin headed that way. "Are these other seats empty?" inquired the general.…
  • "Don't rush it now, you know how the universe likes to make everything end tragically," said the captain, smiling, "that said, good luck. She's great." Prime Commodore Nat emerged from the admiral's office, followed by the admiral. "Done alrea…
  • "Meh, not my problem," the Kelvin Commodore replied, shrugging, then walking off. Admiral Nat motioned prime Commodore Nat into his office, and they both entered it. "Well, guess I'll see you around," remarked Captain Nat, looking to Krystal, …
  • "What, you're considering not saying goodbye to us?" remarked Captain Nat, laughing, "wow, that's rude." Kelvin Commodore Nat emerged from the admiral's office, followed by the admiral, the Kelvin Commodore walking over to the prime Commodore and…
  • Prime Commodore Nat deadpanned Nick, turning to Captain Nat. "So who's the new guy, anyway?" "Helped us capture the being," replied Captain Nat, "that's pretty much all I know. Only just met him a little while ago."
  • The doors opened, allowing Krystal to leave. The admiral got up, walking to the door and noting Nick, the 2 Commodores, Ransom, and Captain Nat. He motioned Kelvin Commodore Nat in first, and the door closed behind them.
  • "Huh, you must be a strange one," remarked Kelvin Commodore Nat, "what are you doing here, anyway? Don't remember you being with our task force from earlier." Captain Nat walked down the corridor, nodded to Ransom and the 2 Commodores, then looki…
  • "I commanded the U.S.S. Firestorm," replied the prime Commodore, "we ended up trapped in a temporal anomaly. The crew was rescued, but I ended up being lost elsewhere and the ship ended up in your time... as did I, eventually." He chuckled briefly,…
  • "Yeah, I'm from the 23rd century, and also the admiral's great grandfather," said prime Commodore Nat, "we recruited these other 2 from their universes to help with the Na'kuhl." "Well, I'm just here now to deliver my last report and say goodbye …
  • "It would appear our suspicions were correct, then..." replied the admiral, "even Earth Spacedock's medical staff didn't seem to know why you'd actually been relieved, either." Admiral Nat sighed, "safe to say, even if some of us remember the origi…
  • "Yes," answered the admiral, "I heard how things went with that changeling dragging you out of sickbay, and then that fight with the being... I must say, I'm actually pretty impressed." Nat paused, reaching for a PADD and briefly reading it over,…