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  • Banned for cat logic taken to the illogical extreme.
  • Captain Nat sighed, watching out the window as a starship slowly flew by. So, what now? he asked himself, there's no way things can stay this peaceful long, with the way things have been going lately... N.V. Vengeance, Science Lab The door opened,…
  • "Thanks," replied the admiral, looking to Sarah, "you might want have the Legacy on standby, just in case." "Right," said Sarah, tapping her combadge to start giving orders to her ship.
  • Captain Nat walked over to the entrance of the office, looking to Admiral Quinn and waving his attention over. "Admiral, permission to introduce you to our new guest?" Admiral Nat deadpanned Sarah. "You saw him dematerialize on that transporter pad…
  • Earth Spacedock, Operations Captain Nat made his way closer to operations, while Corvis was presumably still following alongside him. Earth Spacedock, Food Court "This can't be normal, considering how often problems manage to find us," said the a…
  • Earth Spacedock, Food Court Admiral Nat and Sarah both arrived, and Sarah found somewhere to sit while the admiral went and got a pizza, bringing it over to the table. "Practically just had pizza..." remarked Sarah, grabbing a slice. "Oh well…
  • You receive Zefram Cochrane's shotgun, fully loaded... and firing. The bullet impact is enough to make you fall over. Computer, flag of Prussia.
  • "Sounds like how humanity was a few hundred years ago," replied Captain Nat, "it finally lead to a world war that nearly collapsed our civilization entirely. We'd probably still be stuck on Earth fighting with each other if Zefram Cochrane hadn't fl…
  • Banned for clicking on it first so you could warn us about it's true contents. The hero we need, but don't deserve!
  • "There often is," replied Captain Nat, "it has made things difficult at times, and caused several wars too many, unfortunately."
  • "Not here, no," replied Captain Nat, "nor do we have money in our world, at least not in Starfleet. The only people with stock options I know of are probably all Ferengi."
  • The replicator provides signed orders to impeach President Aennik Okeg. Computer, a miniature model of Earth's moon.
  • The admiral and Sarah both followed, arriving on Earth Spacedock. "He's not our CEO, he's the admiral in charge," said Captain Nat, "we're not a company, we're... well, a fleet."
  • Sarah rolled her eyes. "Not a bad idea, after all that excitement," she said, turning to the admiral, "you?" "Is it even the right time of day for dinner right now?" questioned the admiral, sighing, "ok, fine. I'm in." Sarah and the admiral bo…
  • "Really wish he'd asked me first, but ok," said the admiral, "I guess I'm done here, then. Let me know if anything weird happens."
  • The admiral also arrives on the bridge, looking around. "So where'd they go?"
  • Captain Nat snapped his fingers, and after a brief flash, both he and Corvis appeared on Earth Spacedock near the main transporter. "There we go," said Captain Nat, "this is Earth Spacedock."
  • "Well, if you say so," replied Captain Nat, turning to Corvis, "well, let me know when you're ready."
  • "Don't assume he succeeded," stated the admiral, "creating rifts that spawn things at random isn't exactly what I call a solution." He started walking to turbolift again, motioning the others to follow. "We need to reach the bridge and find out for…
  • "Seriously?" asked Sarah, "there's a bunch of portal things everywhere and random stuff emerging from them, and you think the problem is solved?" "Oh, that's Earth Spacedock," said Captain Nat, "it's the center of our space operations pretty much e…
  • Captain Nat sighed. "Could you undo that for now?" Admiral Nat turned around, noting the disk between him and Krystal. "What."
  • hawku001x wrote: » Banned because Canada's pants are now named Banmerica, or the United Bans of Banmerica, or Mexico's hat. Banned because some say that Canada and the United States together form Mexico's ever so wonderful sombrero.
  • Captain Nat tapped on the mobile emitter, causing a flash of light. It moved from Corvis' forehead to his one arm, glowing with unpredictable Q power. Whether or not the attempt would work was anyone's guess. "Cross your fingers," remarked Captain …
  • Captain Nat reached over to the mobile emitter in hopes of using his powers to make it work properly.
  • "Well, the admiral had mentioned the holodecks going haywire," replied Captain Nat.
  • Captain Nat quickly turned to Tala, "it's a long story that I haven't even been told yet, but apparently he's an inter-dimensional hologram of some kind that the mobile emitter they gave him doesn't appear to agree with."
  • "Regarding that..." said the admiral with a tone so serious that Sarah started looking uneasy. Nat turned to Nick, "try to be more professional the next time one of your dates gets interrupted by an anomalous lifeform... or anything, for that matter…
  • "I'm sure the captain can handle him," replied the admiral, "he's only one anomalous lifeform, not like the fate of existence is hanging in the balance again." Admiral Nat turned to Elric, "guess you got your first contact mission sooner than expec…
  • "Well, that's rather inconvenient," remarked the admiral, turning to Captain Nat, "where's he going, anyway?" "The bridge," replied Captain Nat as he vanished in a flash. Bridge Captain Nat appeared on the bridge, then turned to walk over to th…