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  • ESD slowed down to pretty much stationary while you were gone, so there wasn't that much to miss. We did discuss where we might take this whole thing after the current storyarc in ESD is over, which may be worth thinking over again if and when we…
  • Probably because it's fun. Well, for the fun, anyway; much of my time in-game ends up being spent grinding for stuff that I would later have an often shorter time actually having fun using. However, I've gotta say; the bugs really do put a damper…
  • Those that are unable to properly resist forces applied by larger and more powerful entities and other miscellaneous forces will eventually succumb to the loss of anatomical and mental capacities that allow them to continue functioning as a living l…
  • You receive a brand new train car. Doesn't come with the engine, sadly. Computer, a submarine.
  • You receive lemons. You know what they say about life giving you lemons... Computer, Hamburger Helper. Lasagna flavor. Hot.
  • You receive the core of an apple once called Galorndon. Computer, beaver tail hat.
  • Looks more like a mine...
  • Hmm, haven't been winning in here enough lately... Guess that's solved. Victory is mine!
  • You receive an environmental suit. Unfortunately for you, it's built for Tholians, not humanoids like yourself. Computer, popcorn.
  • mirrorchaos wrote: » The mop is used to clean up local space of decaffinated coffee and all planets drowned in the stuff. Wait, that's exactly what I wanted the mop for! Are we all sure this replicator is actually broken? hawku001x wrote…
  • The replicator complies, and your quarters, and eventually the ship and surrounding space, fill with an infinite expanse of coffee. People might be overjoyed, and Janeway proud, but it's all decaffeinated. Well, that, and everyone is drowning in cof…
  • You receive a sand sandwich. Computer, a bag of Doritos.
  • Nothing seems to change. Bored, you find yourself staring out the window, taking note of a planet seemingly growing in size at an alarming rate... Computer, combadge.
  • Victory is life. As usual.
  • The replicator explodes, taking a sizeable portion of your ship with it. Computer, Ketracel White.
  • The replicator extends an arm, paints the Mona Lisa on your wall, then retracts back into the replicator and disappears. Computer, cake.
  • The replicator replies "forget that, I'm only a replicator. Get lost and ask another replicator your stupid requests." Computer, coins. Golden coins.
  • It gives you a big red easy button from Staples. Computer, chicken.
  • The replicator replicates a pie, then shuts off. Computer, shotgun.
  • I emerge from the replicator, flying off and taking command of your ship as my new chariot of conquest! Computer, cucumber.
  • The replicator stops working, and it's clock freezes in time; don't you know what they say about hammers stopping time? Computer, sandwich.
  • Rabbit season!
  • You receive a sign reading Perfectly Functional Replicator, thank you very much. Computer, cannonball.
  • You receive not one, but seven airships, complete with Koopalings. They fly off, and you start receiving reports of their turning your department heads into animals and running off with their command codes. Computer, fire.
  • It's rabbit season, not duck season!
  • You receive a bear, which promptly climbs out and starts searching for food. Computer, Tribble food.
  • You receive... sanity. The boring kind. Computer, Terminator.
  • You receive a red Crayon. Well, it's not even an actual Crayon, it's some cheap knockoff brand. Computer, Australia.
  • You receive a sheet of paper, but it shows just one giant black rectangle. Useless. Huh, might as well see what happens... Computer, a University Master's Degree.
  • Hold on; running Temporal Ambassador actually counts as saving a ship from the Azure Nebula? I always just figured the whole endeavor was meant for Azure Nebula Rescue. I've never had an endeavor take very long to complete, and that's coming from…
    in Outrage Comment by admiralnat April 10