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  • ssbn655
    So they sent her to a full hospital five hours away in Wicihta where they took the biopsy of the masses and sent them off to Mayo for an absolute diagnosis to confirm her oncologist diagnosis. Her oncologist isn't TRIBBLE around she wants to be damn sure how to treat this. I respect that in an MD.
    At the same time it was confirmed I have Gender Dysphoria which I knew all my life but it had reached the breaking point. In short I am MtF Transgender and always have been. I am in transition therapy and thankfully I can also deal with the anger and feeling of helplessness about the wife's illness at the same time. The killer is the travel back and forth between Wichita and my own therapy is just gruesome. But for now I can hold off on my transition as her health takes the front seat right now. I've waited 62 years to be the woman I have always been inside so I can wait as long as it takes until wife is well.
    July 21
    • coldnapalm
      Well, sounds like you have a good doctor to take care of your wife. My mom had to get surgery because of a not so good oncologist not taking her "benign" cancer seriously enough and having it get "worse" rapidly. More likely it was serious to begin with and he was covering his butt when it became a life threatening issue just weeks later. I wasn't with her for most of the things because it was suppose to be fine until it wasn't, but at least they are in a major city (LA) and can get help pretty much within minutes of where they live. Even specialized help. Yeah travel on top of everything sounds...rough.

      As for the gender dysphoria issue, some things I have heard be helpful when you transitioning is not an option is cross dressing...even part time or in private only if you can not pass can release some of the stress and helplessness. Try playing some role playing games...not the computer kind, the ones with other people with female characters. Because let's face it, the reason a guy plays female characters in a computer game is to stare at TRIBBLE. That doesn't really help the dysphoria when you are doing something that has become acceptable masculine behavior. Doing so with your mind on the other hand can be helpful as you are pretending to be that female character. If nothing else bring these things up with your doctor who is doing the transitioning treatment and see if these thing can work in your situation or not.

      And finally, how close are you to unlocking the ship now?
  • ssbn655
    Thank you I had a very kinds gift given to me that has nearly completed the tokens. The donor wishes to remain nameless. They had a loved one battle this demon as well.
    It's been a hell of a year so far. There is a lot going on in my own life as well that unfortunately arose nearly at the same time as her initial illness.
    What started her crisis was this. My daughter and I had to drag her to the ER as she had a "cold" that after two weeks had no cleared up plus cramping. She post menopause so yaeh not her period. My wife being an RN knows everything and said I'm ok it's allergies. TRIBBLE!
    White cell count was sky high, Red Cell count very low as well as her AC1 )diabetes marker) was high as all TRIBBLE . There was also a "Crackling" noise in her lungs. So they did a whole body CT scan to find what was going on. That is when they found at least two masses in her pelvic area and spots in one lung.
    July 21