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darkbladejk Community Moderator


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  • spielman1
    Issue is post there and it never gets looked at and responded too and you as a moderator never bring attention to the problem and actually force the issue to a point. SO why post there when nothing ever gets don't about it
    February 12
  • ssbn655
    Add another character to the Bajor hell limbo. Tried doing the anniversary on Daenrys and now shes stuck in Bajor hell just like Nakadashi. I am going to quit while I am ahead before I lose all my characters. It's a shame I liked the look and stats of that Vulcan ship but losing my characters to Bajor limbo it's not gonna happen damn shame really.
    January 24
  • ssbn655
    Damn it! Locked out of Nakadashi Sublime again! I was trying to do the 9th Anniversary particle mission was sent to Bajor Ground and the game crashed again and I am locked out of this character again and I got the exact same error messages as before! Damn it!
    January 24
  • ssbn655
    You can add a third character to the list. Quequed my Reman character Visagoth for the Elachi event and the game crashed just like the other two toons in Bajor. Got a similar error message as the others this time referencing the Elcahi maps. I am very gun shy of even playing the game now. I am afraid of having the three toons I am running the Winter event in become locked in limbo mostly my Klingon Joan who has a Temporal D-7 and my Federation character Sploosh with her NX-Refit named after my good friend Doug Drexler's bird. That is a running gag between Doug and myself it refers to Beaky's habit of perching on Doug's extensive collection mostly his custom built Seaview that my other friend Steve Neill (yes that Steve Neill of Spocks Ears for STTMP and Undiscovered country) did for Doug a couple of years ago.
    December 2018