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Starbase 24 Interior fight game crash

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edited January 2010 in PC Gameplay Bug Reports
Be prepared to play through the Starbase 24 level interior a few times. I'm not sure for others but I've played it 5 times now always getting a little further before the game freezes and then crashes. Last time pulling up a texture error before the crash report screen. After logging back in am at the beginning of the level having to do it ALL over again. Frustrating but it IS a beta test after all.

I don't see how this thing is going to be ready by Feb. 2...there just seem to be A LOT of kinks and small to largely alarming issues with the game. Loving it the game and praying its amazing when its fully released. Keep up the good work Cryptic, you're ALMOST there.

Anyone experience similar problems?
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    I definitely have experienced same issues.

    I myself am a bit worried for the release but they are working their buts off patching up the errors over night and I have found that the game-play has been getting better (for the most part) with each passing day! It'll be a rough start but I'm sure within a month after release things will be where they should. :)

    I'm sticking it through regardless.
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    Oh I'm totally sticking with it...this game is really amazing...I just want to get past this level and get far enough to get another ship! *crossing fingers that when I play today I can make it through*
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