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Need some computer Help

ryurangerryuranger Member Posts: 390 Arc User
I am Trying to rename Batch of files at once with Different names and I am having a hard time figuring out the right app to do it with for an example I am trying to Rename batch of Family Guy Episodes from Seasons 1-12 to the names that I all ready have on my computer
Family Guy S01E01 Death Has a Shadow.mp4(Old file) to Family Guy S01E01 Death Has a Shadow.mkv(new file) that's 231 Episodes can someone help me on witch is the best app to rename Batch of Files from Different files into the new once
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  • fmgtorres1979fmgtorres1979 Member Posts: 1,326 Arc User
    You're only trying to rename the extension? If that's the case, it's quite simple. You open a CMD window, position yourself in the directroy that has the files and type:
    ren *.mp4 *.mkv

    This will rename anything that end in .mp4 to same-thing .mkv
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