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Re-Watching Deep Space Nine

jake477jake477 Member Posts: 454 Arc User
edited August 7 in Ten Forward
Thanks to Netflix I have been re-watching Deep Space Nine and I have to say I am still impressed, I remember it getting good in Season 3 and then so on but even the earlier seasons the writing is deep and interesting as it was in the later seasons. DS9 unlike The Next Generation & Voyager didn't have a maturing period, DS9 got right into it on day one. It has grown into my favorite Trek spin-off. Personally I think its superior to both TNG and Voyager for one simple reason, out where DS9 is, there is no paradise there are only people and we all know people are imperfect. The Enterprise-D exists in an Utopian world where everything goes the good guy's way, even when things get too dicey, even on Voyager you had a slice of Federation paradise in the Delta Quadrant and you had to keep the ship alive or otherwise the show would have been cancelled. In DS9 they had the guts to straight up destroy the Defiant and not even blink and even had the enemy take back the station. Plus the Captain gets a bittersweet ending away from his crew who breaks up and does their own things. It felt like the Beatles broke up ;(.

In all DS9 is far superior to any Trek out there. TNG is cool and so is Voyager but there can only be one king and that is DS9.
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  • azrael605azrael605 Member Posts: 10,157 Arc User
    What a load of felgercarb. Worst captain, idiotic half baked attempt at combat sci-fi, actors actively sabotaging their role because they hated things done with their characters. DS9 isn't even close to the best.
  • starkaosstarkaos Member Posts: 10,928 Arc User
    If you like Deep Space 9, then check out Babylon 5. Some characters in Deep Space 9 are almost as good as some of the characters in Babylon 5. However, the interaction between Bashir and Garak or Odo and Quark pales in comparison to the interaction between Londo and G'Kar or the pure awesomeness of Garibaldi.

    Everyone has their favorite Star Trek series and is entitled to liking it for whatever reason.
  • jonsillsjonsills Member Posts: 8,585 Arc User
    Az, your opinion is noted. However, as it is a dumb-TRIBBLE opinion, I have elected to ignore it. </Fury>
  • azrael605azrael605 Member Posts: 10,157 Arc User
    > @jonsills said:
    > Az, your opinion is noted. However, as it is a dumb-TRIBBLE opinion, I have elected to ignore it.

    Your opinion is no better or more relevant than mine. Mine has the advantage of being backed up by actual facts though. Brook's predjudice shows in every epispde. Siddig himself stated that he hated the augment story so badly that he gave his worst performances every time it came up. Comparing the writing of any episode of the dominion puke to actually good combat sci-fi like Soldier Ask Not shows just how badly done DS9 was in that attempt.
  • pottsey5gpottsey5g Member Posts: 2,925 Arc User
    When I was younger I wasn't a big fan of DS9 but having rewatched TNG ,VOY, DS9 this year I have found DS9 a lot more enjoyable this time and now prefer it over TNG or VOY.
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