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Who knows why Counter-Stroke didn't work with Terran Targeting Systems?

volticuavolticua Member Posts: 12 Arc User
Terran Targeting Systems is a trait, which "Significantly improves your Critical Severity" and "receiving a critical strike slows you somewhat for a brief duration". Counter-Stroke is a trait too, which gives " Critical Severity buff when affected by Controlling effects, such as slows, holds, or roots". But this traits didn't work together. Seems something wrong in description or in game mechanic.


  • bossheisenbergbossheisenberg Member Posts: 573 Arc User
    What do you mean they don't work together? How do you know? Did you parse?
  • volticuavolticua Member Posts: 12 Arc User
    edited June 4
    Close. I use in game UI and load map where I look at buffs and debuffs with critical severity. It's works with slow from ability, but didn't work with "speed reduction" debuff from TTS. Do you know about this something more?
    Ok, maybe i said not so clear. Terran Targeting Systems didn't trigger Counter-Stroke. For example, Ability: Energy Weapons: Exceed Rated Limits can trigger Trait: Reconstructive Radiation cos it's deal Electrical Damage.
    Terran Targeting Systems trigger "slow" debuff, but you didn't get buff from Counter-Stroke.
  • tobiashirttobiashirt Member Posts: 594 Arc User
    It might have something to do with TTS's slow being self-inflicted and/or from a trait. Since critical heals can also trigger TTS, and they can happen more often, it might be that counterstroke simply excludes some things.
  • tvalavulcantvalavulcan Member Posts: 42 Arc User
    As far as I know, you can't put a Control on yourself. Only someone or something else can, so when the slow in your case kicks in it is a product of you and not the entity who hit you with a critical strike.
  • bossheisenbergbossheisenberg Member Posts: 573 Arc User
    Ok if I understand correctly, what you're saying is that the slow debuff that occurs from TTS when critically hit should proc the counterstroke trait? Don't think it works like that. I think the above poster is correct, in order for counterstroke to work it has to be an enemy control debuff.
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