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Return of the TFO/Queue "Player Declines" Glitch

smooshy#7462 smooshy Member Posts: 230 Arc User
The old "player declines" glitch is thwarting attempts to get into the First Contact celebration event. This problem had been fixed for everything else, but now it is back for the event (but only for the event, apparently).


  • inferiorityinferiority Member Posts: 753 Arc User
    Took me 9 attempts to get queue'd today. :(
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    Everyone has a better name and Youtube Channel than me...  :/
  • postagepaidpostagepaid Member Posts: 2,320 Arc User
    40 minutes to get a single run to start, I know because I had put bread in the oven and it was baked and cooling by the time I eventually got into FCD.

    Multiple zone transitions, multiple times having to re-queue when the announcement appeared (still no basic weeeooo noise) but wasn't given the option to join and not enough server population to make instance hopping possible.
  • flimjam#3426 flimjam Member Posts: 54 Arc User
    I think everyone is experiencing this. If 5 people sign up and all 5 accept, everything is fine, but if one or more players do not accept, the ones that did not accept will get kicked from the queue and those that did accept will get a prompt to accept again with a fresh 60 second timer. You accept again and maybe it works, or maybe you get notified it's being canceled due to player declines again. Eventually, though, you'll get asked to accept but there will be no menu option to accept. In that scenario, you either change map instances to get the menu prompt, or you just sit there and wait for the timer to reach 0 then get a message saying you were kicked from the queue because you didn't accept (even though it wasn't possible to accept because the menu option to accept wasn't shown).

    It's very frustrating. I had to stay in the beta quadrant to be sure there were enough instances to jump to (not enough in the alpha quadrant or any ground map). All it takes is one player to miss accepting and it causes a chain reaction of trouble for everyone else.
  • ranteskrantesk Member Posts: 1 New User
    +1 here.

    And I am stuck. Since participating on TFO is manadatory to finish the Romulan episodes.
    Support told me they dont know when it is going to be fixed. So?
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