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Cold war side arc bug

In the last couple of days I decided to finish all the episodes(main and side ones) on my romulan toon. After completing all the episodes available I noticed that the episode cold call is not available, the other 4 are available. Before the revamp, there was a episode rerun, with the breen boff, so as i recall i just skipped all the episodes untill the last one, cold storage, so i could get the boff. Ok so what happened in the meantime? I cannot get the perequisite cold war hail from surath( tried any way possible, being in sector space in defera and hailing surath/jiro, trying to hail d'tan/quinn, being above defera, beaming down and speaking to all npc's in defera/invasion zone, trying to complete the mission while a fellow fleetie was doing it). So i contacted support, after investigating they said it is likely a bug, and should ask if anyone has experienced the issue. Thank you.


  • aten66aten66 Member Posts: 650 Arc User
    I have just recently experienced this bug in game, and cannot find the Cold War Arc at all within my available missions list. What’s worse is I decided to do this on my Delta Recruit, who hadn’t completed Cold Storage, and is halting my progress on my toon.
  • inferiorityinferiority Member Posts: 726 Arc User
    I've noticed a similar problem with the Devidian arc on a Delta Recruit - "Skirmish" is missing, but I have full access to the other 4 missions in the sequence.
    No "Skirmish" mark box available as I cannot play the mission.
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