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Update to Mycelium Ambush

giliongilion Member Posts: 667 Arc User
Does anyone else think that the console based on the hero ship of a currently airing Star Trek show seems a little underwhelming? It's not bad as is, but personally, I think it could be re-worked into something that would really draw people to Discovery.

When I think of a teleportation ability I see something that's a little more versatile. I was thinking some kind of combination between the Intel power Subspace Beacon, and the choices of the MVAM. The console could give your ship 2 or 3 powers. The first, acts a lot like the current version, jump forward (preferable with the ability to also move around), get some kind of damage boost, then jump back.

The other 1 or 2 powers, could be similar to Subspace beacon. Place an anchor point at any time that saves your current position and orientation, when you activate the power again, you jump back to that location and get a short damage boost. The damage boost of each individual jump would be weaker than the current version, but in exchange you'd be able to use multiple jumps concurrently. For example: In the recent Pavo event you could place a bacon at 2 of the generators, and teleport to one of them if a teammate needs help, then jump back to where you were.

You'd be able to place a new beacon as soon as the jump completes if you want to make the same jump later, but the actual ability to jump would go on cooldown when you use it. What do you guys think? Is the ability good as is? Does my idea have merit? Have an idea of your own?
Anyone want to give me a Temporal Heavy Dreadnought pack? I'll be your friend :D


  • technoboots#8057 technoboots Member Posts: 13 Arc User
    I've though it's underwhelming as well. The problem I have with it is that once you jump enemy ships can immediatelly shoot at you. Part of the reason the maneuver worked was that it was unpredictable. You should be untargetable while the maneuver is active as there should be no way for enemies to be able to retarget you so quickly.
    I've used it and as soon as I reappear I am instantly shot at making it basically useless to me.
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