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Pahvo Graphic Bug for Melee Chars?

doctorstegidoctorstegi Member Posts: 306 Arc User

Used the first time a melee char today for Pahvo and encountered some video gibberish. This so far i only encountered on the one melee i played in there so might have something to do with that or not, check the video for any details.
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  • anodynesanodynes Member Posts: 1,744 Arc User
    I get this occasionally on random characters, none of which are melee. It looks like the vegetation which is supposed to sort of sway in reaction to blasts is getting distorted by certain visual effects. For me, it also causes a major frame rate hit.
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  • alexanderb#7559 alexanderb Member Posts: 114 Arc User
    I have seeen that a couple of times as well on different characters. Doesn't seem to have something to do with melee chars.
  • where2r1where2r1 Member Posts: 5,924 Arc User
    edited March 9
    This got posted to Graphical and Sound Issues folder:

    It is a Miracle Worker ability/trait..."Percussive Maintenance".... as per @theneckercube


    Are you using Miracle Worker and is "Percussive Maintenance" triggering when you see this, too?
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