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[Console] Lobi and Key Sales!

ambassadorkael#6946 ambassadorkael Member, Administrator Posts: 1,829 Administrator
It's time for Console to enter the Mirror of Discovery! Want to get your hands on the new items from the Emperor's Lock Box?

We're putting everything in the Lobi Store 20% off, putting Keys 15% off, and releasing the Keyring Bundle until March 15th!



  • risian6#1997 risian6 Member Posts: 128 Arc User
    Woo hoo!!

    (Actually I don't care, but the total lack of response in this thread seemed a bit sad :p )
    Formerly known as Risian4. Risian6 is my new PS4-account. Fleetcaptain5 is my main PC account. I hope to actively play again on PC in a few months.

    Now that that's made clear... on to the next issue: when are playable Voth coming, and where's are my T7 Vesta and C-store purchasable real life shuttle? :)
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