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Shouldn't Intel Uniform be available for Jem?

strathkinstrathkin Member Posts: 893 Bug Hunter
edited March 5 in PC Gameplay Bug Reports
I mean even Klingons can wear Intel Outfit's, as there a Pre-Alliance standard duty outfit. But even Fed Aligned Jem should have an option, because both Romulan's regardless of Faction can wear Intel.

One could even say something similar for Section 31, after all, isn't the former Mirror Princess now a Member of 31? She wouldn't even be considered a true Ally of the Federation either. Yet that is more a (Feedback) type of discussion on Section 31 Uniforms. So why not a Jem who follows the former Constable, as it's likely just as fitting as the earlier example, or other less types like her who seems a lot more like Franklin Drake. ;)

- - - UPDATE - - -
Some may agree or disagree on the 2nd (31) point; yet I certainly think Intel Uniforms should be unlocked. Since there's no reason why they shouldn't be, for that reason I'm calling the Intel Outfit a BUG.
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  • sthe91sthe91 Member Posts: 1,220 Arc User
    edited March 5
    This post does not really fit under the section of the forums called PC Gameplay Bug Reports. This should be in the Feedback section of the forums under the correct category for such matters. Though I could partly agree with you that the Jem'Hadar (Dominion) should be able to wear the Intelligence uniform but I don't agree with them wearing the Section 31 uniform until that is shown in canon.
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