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Personal Endeavor Complete Iconian TFOs No Reward

alcyoneserenealcyoneserene Member Posts: 1,864 Arc User
"Just completed 3 Iconian TFOs, once gateway to grethor advanced, once brotherhood of the sword advanced, and again gateway to grethor advanced, which showed 3/3 complete but then the meter reset to 0/3 and no endeavor reward was granted."
Submitted bug [2:21] [TicketCreated] Successfully submitted ticket ID #4,823,531.
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  • dameron92dameron92 Member Posts: 23 Arc User
    Same here, it's reset to zero after complete.
  • spielman1spielman1 Member Posts: 979 Arc User
    Same here but by the time they do anything it be too late
  • edartaedarta Member Posts: 39 Arc User
    The TFO->Endeavour Bug still happens:
    GtG Nrm: 1 of 3
    GtG Adv: 2 of 3
    GtG Adv: 0 of 3, opted for a reroll.
  • forcemajeureforcemajeure Member Posts: 202 Arc User
    My experience with this just now (after several PE-fix patches) was a bit odd.

    I had Medium PE - Kill 6 Dreadnoughts. Hard PE - Do 3 Iconian TFOs, any difficulty.

    I ran 3 Gateway to Grethors (waiting for timer between each). On my 3rd run, we killed the Dread, my Dread counter went to 3/6, my Iconian TFO counter was at 2/3.

    Then the Operation Complete comes up, and I select my Ico marks package, and leave.

    When I get back to ESD, I notice that my Do 3 Iconian TFOs counter has reset to 0/3. However if I scroll back my chat text, it says:

    Left channel "Match".
    Left channel "Large Team".
    [ItemReceived] Item acquired: Rare Personal Endeavor Reward
    [NumericReceived] You received 4,248 Specialization Experience
    [NumericReceived] You received 3,200 Personal Endeavor Experience Points
    "Complete Iconian TFOs" complete!
    Resolved mission "Complete Iconian TFOs".
    [NumericReceived] You received 1 Specialization Experience
    [NumericReceived] You received 1 Specialization Experience
    [NumericReceived] You received 5 Fleet Marks
    [NumericReceived] You received 720 Dilithium Ore
    [NumericReceived] You received 2,580 Specialization Experience
    [NumericReceived] You received 2,580 Expertise
    [ItemReceived] Item acquired: Iconian Probe Datacore
    [ItemReceived] Item acquired: Advanced Queue R&D Material Reward Package (Argonite Gas)
    [NumericReceived] You received 17 Iconian Marks

    Then as I zoned into ESD it said:

    Left channel "Zone".
    Joined channel "Zone".
    Acquired mission: Complete Iconian TFOs
    "Destroy Dreadnoughts" complete!
    Left channel "Team".
    Resolved mission "Destroy Dreadnoughts".

    Unfortunately I didn't check the number beforehand to see what I actually did receive in the way of boxes or PE XP. But the chat seems to think I completed my 3 Ico TFOs, but gave no XP/box reward for it and it also thinks I completed my 3/6 Kill dreadnoughts, and got the Medium/Rare PE box and the Rare PE XP for it, even though it was incomplete.

    Then the Zone message switches over to thinking I have completed the Rare/6 Dreadnoughts, and re-acquired a new Do 3 Iconian TFOs task, which has a counter of 0/3.

    Checking my PE tab, it also thinks that Destroy Dreadnoughts (Rare) is complete - bar is full, checkmark ticked. And that Complete 3 Iconian TFOs has rolled over to 0/3, bar empty.
  • alcyoneserenealcyoneserene Member Posts: 1,864 Arc User
    PC Patch Notes for 2/16/19
    "Resolved an issue that could cause the Complete Iconian TFOs Endeavor to not complete correctly on Hard."
    Hopefully this works for next time around.
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  • alexanderb#7559 alexanderb Member Posts: 114 Arc User
    Yes it works now. I got the endeavor on hard yesterday, so I did it after the maintenance. Works good now.
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