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Tailor bug -- Male Android can't access DSC Cybernetic helmet after 2/16 patch

dochornetdochornet Member Posts: 8 Arc User
Before today's patch (Saturday, Feb 16th), I was able to put the new DSC Cybernetic Helmet on my Male Android boff. Today after the patch, I went to tweak the costume and found the Male Android no longer has the DSC Cybernetic helmet as a head option.

Checking other species that did have the helmet available, it looks like the Head options were slightly tweaked (name, location on the drop down menu) from how they were yesterday as part of the patch. Possibly the Androids got left out when they changed things. Have not yet checked Female Android to see if they are missing the helmet option as well.


  • srbin666srbin666 Member Posts: 65 Arc User
    The new Cloth is totally bugged since the patch today T'Kuvma outfit doesnt work anymoore its not available...the DSC Helmet dont work on almost any characters even on some humans it works on other not...
    this is so sad 2 days after release they broke so much what i paid money for...
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