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Please put ∞ back on scaling items

tagentagen Member Posts: 95 Arc User
At this point, you have some items that scale and show the ∞ symbol on the icon, but you are starting to add more that are not marked at all. Which might be ok if not for there being some non-scaling items that have no mark either.

I think having ∞ on there is clearer overall, so I would ask that it be applied consistently.

Thank you.


  • ihatepwe735ihatepwe735 Member Posts: 337 Arc User
    Also I had some items that, before the recent level raise, were not ∞ but where blank which I thought was scaling, and when placed in the Upgrade interface became level XIII. But with the DSC update level 65 and XV is the new max, so presumably I could have max levels now.
    Ironically I didn't even upgrade them.
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