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Damage Numbers Question

As I understand it in any space battle on any map, red numbers mean you are taking damage, yellow means the enemy takes damage but what about black numbers? I have seen this a couple of times as well but it's always enemies taking damage. I am just curious to know if this means it is a special type of damage (kinetic maybe?) or if its just a aesthetic resolution to a specific background or effect? Apologies in advance if I got some of the gaming terminology wrong.

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  • kyle223catkyle223cat Member Posts: 567 Arc User
    I think the black numbers are referring to shield drain.
  • warpangelwarpangel Member Posts: 8,335 Arc User
    The red numbers are damage dune by enemies, the yellow numbers damage done by you, the black (gray?) numbers damage done by allies. I think.

    Green is healing. I don't know if that differentiates between friendly and enemy.

    Not that those numbers stay on the screen long enough or still enough to actually read as much more than "something is getting hurt" anyway.
  • arionisaarionisa Member Posts: 1,377 Arc User
    The only time I have ever seen black numbers was when running a shield drain.
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