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Where did the tutorials go?

I found this page: http://starbaseugc.com/index.php/noob-guides/tutorials-guide/
but most of the links are dead.

I have a foundry project that I made like 5 or 6 years back when I was still playing but never published it... I just started up again and thought I'd revisit the project. I can play test the individual maps, however, the "Leave from" system isn't working. I fly to the system, I see the popup dialog with my custom mission text, I click the button and my ship bounces back to where it started from. No matter what system I pick to "leave from", I get the same results. I'm afraid that if I publish this it won't work for anyone, so I would like to resolve this issue.

I am searching for Foundry tutorials, but I can only find the most basic information, like how to get into the foundry, create a project, add a map, etc.... I'm already past all that and looking for more advanced information. So hopefully there are a few friendly foundry folk willing to help out. xD

I took a screen shot that shows the basic outline of the story blocks that seem to fail. Hopefully someone will recognize if I am doing something wrong. The Leaving Alpha Quadrant dialog does in fact appear when I approach the Raveh system, and I see that button text. When I click the button, I'm supposed to go to the Raveh System Project map, but instead it bumps me back to where I started from. I noticed the version number is Beta 0.8, not sure that if something didn't get updated, I wouldn't expect it to still be in beta after all these years but maybe that's why this is failing?




  • dratikusdratikus Member Posts: 118 Arc User
    I searched through the Foundry bug reports, and this was the closest to my issue that I could find: https://www.arcgames.com/en/forums/startrekonline#/discussion/1242606/weird-problems-when-testing-in-space

    So it seems we can only test each map individually and can not test transitions.

  • duncanidaho11duncanidaho11 Member Posts: 7,541 Arc User
    edited January 3
    Map transitions have been broken for a little while in the Foundry editor but that does just manifest in having to test maps individually. For intensive builds this isn't much of a problem but it does require authors to think very critically about between-map pacing while building.

    For Foundry tutorials, here's the most recent series by the Foundry Roundtable podcast.

    It is, however, basic. Advanced topics aren't something that can be easily covered as part of a cohesive series because that would be a semester long course, which is beyond the remit of even the Roundtable. Once you have the basics down its really up to personal initiative to pick up the advanced stuff (and all the multiple layers of interaction) through experimentation, reverse engineering other people's missions while playing (spotlights are a great place to start there, also anything by JohnnySnowball or Greendragoon), and asking specific questions when they arise. Watching live builds (such as on the Roundtable) can also help with learning tricks that come through long habit and in years of doing the Foundry myself I was still picking stuff up from Greendragoon when doing certain demos.

    So yeah if you want any advice per a specific topic or help with a particular task (don't try digging into the editor too much now, there's some new bugs [fixes in progress] that make new mission creation effectively impossible) just post around these forums. :)
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  • zorbanezorbane Member Posts: 1,617 Arc User
    I recommend this tutorial

    Foundry Essentials - Back to Basics

    It is a bit out dated but i think it is still 99% relevant
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  • thay8472thay8472 Member Posts: 5,810 Arc User
    Map transitions have been broken for a little while in the Foundry editor

    Early 2017 is a 'little while' ? :open_mouth:
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