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Looking for large, active, and casual fleet to join

misanthrope#6636 misanthrope Member Posts: 45 Arc User
edited December 2018 in Fleet Recruitment
As the title says I'm looking to join a fleet that has a lot of members, is reasonably active, and they're not some hardcore pro roleplaying fleet lol, just something casual. About myself: 400 hours in the game, one Starfleet lvl 65 character, one Romulan Klingon-allied lvl 65 character, and one Romulan Federation-allied lvl 65 character. I'm currently working on getting the rest of my missions done on my Romulan Fed-allied character so that's the one I will be joining a fleet on, unless joining a fleet automatically has all my other characters join it, I don't really know how fleets work as this will be my first time joining one. If anybody would like me to join their fleet post in this thread and add some details about your fleet so I know what I'll be joining.

EDIT: Thanks everyone for your fleet recommendations but I've found a fleet to join now.
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  • nierionnierion Member Posts: 326 Arc User
    edited December 2018
    Greetings Misanthrope!

    You may find our community is what you are looking for, not only are we a Federation Fleet, but we are also a gaming community that was established over 6 years ago, with members also playing other games. We primarily use Discord for communication and have around 15-20 people online every day, half of which you will probably see on voice too. We have recently got an influx of new members into STO, and on gaming nights we are able to run full groups for STF/TFOs (Weekends are busiest). Also when you join a Fleet you have to get every character invited that you want to join.

    We are a relaxed group that provides a mature and fun environment for all our members. We have our own forum which we use for organising events as well as for day-to-day use and we are also involved in a few other games like Destiny 2, The Division, Star Citizen etc. We encourage all members to help each other and take part in group activities (free time permitting).

    All Cadets are required to fulfill the following:
    • Complete our application form to become a member.
    • Complete a 2-4 week probation as a Cadet.
    • Probation is also based on activity (long as your active at least once or twice a week)
    • Be at least 18 years of age.

    Our goal is to create a friendly gaming community that offers people a place to make friends and hang out on our voice comms. Transparency is very important in our group which is why all members are aware of any big changes that are made and always encourage suggestions & feedback.

    If you're interested in joining please feel free PM me directly or respond here and I can get you setup with an invite to our Discord as well.

    Application link is here: http://www.guilded.gg/r/BprEw2N5Wl?i=QdJNBEMd

    It will allow you to use a Discord login, so you dont have to have two separate accounts.

    Many thanks,

    Admiral Nierion of The Mak'Tar
    Never give up, never surrender!
  • snowwolf#0563 snowwolf Member Posts: 714 Arc User
    Check out this fleet! I'm a member and I think it's really neat, the forum is nice and tidy and quite modern, the members are also quite friendly and the fleet is very active in game. It also has a Klingon counterpart etc.

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