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No more Marks, Dil, Doffs and XP: Consolidate Them

nickarcher404nickarcher404 Member Posts: 40 Arc User
When we got rid of the multitude of currencies and we were told we would go to dilithium and that's it, I personally was super excited... Until it meant each new reputation had to get a new mark, and when fleets were brought into the modern era, dilithium farming and grinding (unless you spend hundreds on Zen and convert it) became the new norm just to do a 1000 fleet XP project. On top of that, with the fleet credit you get from dumping your dilithium, marks and experience in the project, you have to buy a hundred+ Doffs at your Starbase, often open them one at a time and regain half your credits spent on doffs by donating them to finish a project.

With half of fleets dead, a third struggling and a sixth at the pinnacle and not wanting to give any more dilithium to get fleet credits, can I ask if we could get a percent completion that accepts any of these as fleet contribution to any project, but does not make it mandatory for a fleet to contribute some of each? Aka, can we choose to donate solely marks if we wanted? Or perhaps we have a ton of Doffs for sacrifice to the Starbase basement monster, but requiring all at this stage where fleets are either struggling to maintain membership participation or are merely logging in to throw stuff at the colony and log out, can we get a revamp suited to all of us?

And can we get universal marks for all outdated reputations to "reduce the number of currencies" in-game too? :)


  • dracounguisdracounguis Member Posts: 5,363 Arc User
    Personally, I thought Dil was a silly thing to make the 'universal' currency. I remember back in TOS that even the best most powerful starships in the Federation didn't have SPARE crystals to save the ship from spiraling out of orbit cause the were so rare! :D That and there is a canon currency of GPL. Cryptic should have just used that for the main currency.

    And get rid of the Elite Marks that just suck up space in my inventory. They are worth 100 normal marks, so just change STF payouts accordingly. They are a needless complication to the reputation system.
    Sometimes I think I play STO just to have something to complain about on the forums.
  • where2r1where2r1 Member Posts: 5,861 Arc User
    You do not want to ask for any changes to Fleet projects like this.

    Last time during the Tribble testing of the Colony, it was requested that DOFF requirements be removed...because it was too painful to fill for some people.

    It was decided by Devs to replace Doffs on the Colony Holdings projects with Dilithium, instead. And that was the change that was made.
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  • fadmbambamfadmbambam Member Posts: 642 Arc User
    I'd like to see the ability to convert fleet marks into fleet dilithium. With a lot of fleets, we have an abundance of fleet marks, but almost nobody wants to donate dilithium.
  • qqqqiiqqqqii Member Posts: 386 Arc User
    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!! *chokes*

    Never happen. Without the bloated currency system, they wouldn't be able to force their "time-on-investment" narrative ideal on you. This system is never going to change... except for the worse. At least as long as Cyptic and PWE are at the controls.
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