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Missing lvl 11 doff reward pack

stoyozstoyoz Member Posts: 37 Arc User
edited October 2018 in PC Gameplay Bug Reports
I did not recieve the lvl 11 DOFF revard pack.


  • roamerzaroamerza Member Posts: 52 Arc User
    Just came on to see if anyone else was having this issue too. Did you come right?
  • xyquarzexyquarze Member Posts: 1,999 Arc User
    I didn't so far, despite logging in and out on space and ground (which were zone chat recommendations, but then I am here long enough not to trust zone chat)
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  • klastsotsiklastsotsi Member Posts: 6 Arc User
    I am also having this problem. I have had this problem with two AoD characters now and have had to put the game on hold until I get answers from the ticket that I have submitted. Very frustrating!
  • aries73321aries73321 Member Posts: 60 Arc User
    I am having the same trouble.
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  • calexistacalexista Member Posts: 93 Arc User
    I am also still waiting on a fix for this bug myself. They posted a notice of being aware of it on the patch notes for 10/11/18 so hopefully they get the missing cadres to us soon.
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