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Red alert Borg broken???

was just doing a borg alert random Group lvl 64 most are in t6 ships. when the boss Shows up it became bugged.. we werent able to down him he regeneratet so fast also his escorts regneratet bad TRIBBLE Speed and nearby instant respawned. never seen this bevor but we lost werent able to down it.. best was down to 40% just to see go up insane to 90%. anyone else had?


  • ltminnsltminns Member Posts: 9,657 Arc User
    I've seen it happen in the past where you don't get the Regenerative Probes down fast and don't do much damage on the Pickle. It will start spawning out all sorts of Probes and Plasma Torpedoes like crazy. It happened to a Queue I was in a few weeks ago, but we eventually cleaned up the trash and got the Pickle down in time.
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  • metalbunnymetalbunny Member Posts: 37 Arc User
    If it's the same issue I think of, then the boss gets stuck launching one regen probe after another, so instead of the normal 2-4 you suddenly have a dozen or more to deal with, at which point it becomes impossible to get the hp down before the time runs out. It used to happen with the giant plasma bolts as well, but believe that was fixed.
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