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TOS summer costume colors broken

isthisscienceisthisscience Member Posts: 861 Arc User
Re the Gamesters of Triskelion outfit, the color pallet seems bust. You have a grayscale of options to color the outfit and in the preview it shows them but when you save and exit, the character will show it as shiny white regardless of what you selected on the tailor.

So if you put on the outfit and put all the parts to black, it will show correctly in the tailor but in the game proper it will be shiny white.


  • tomilaktomilak Member Posts: 349 Arc User
    the triskelion outfit has a high shine to it, no matter what color you color it, in the sun it will be reflecting the sunlight and always look light, i have been there and do know the colors are working its the reflective nature of the suit that likely needs to be taken down a notch on the shine.
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