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See who recruited new Fleet Member on the Rooster.

hansi5hansi5 Member Posts: 2 Arc User

On the Fleet Rooster list, you can export it to the game folder, there it contains the date a new member joined the Fleet.
Would it be possible to get in an extra slot/text there, so showed wich Fleet member recruited the new member?

Wondering if that is possible, due to the Fleet Flag Officers in the Fleet I'm in, are thinking off giving away crafted and special item to the members so are activily doing recruitment, as a reward.
The reason we in the Fleet wanna give rewads, are so the members so are active will feel that they are getting something back from the effort they are putting in for the Fleet.

Currently as mentioned, there are only date so are showing up, on members in the Fleet.
Think it would been nice if the name who recruited a member so joined the Fleet.

Hope this is something so are possible to implement in the game.


  • where2r1where2r1 Member Posts: 5,851 Arc User
    First of all, the whole thing is probably not a good idea.

    How well do people know the members of their fleet? How well do people know the person they recruit? Someone trustworthy is going to have to verify each and every member and recruit is not a fraud. But that is on your fleet's leadership.

    Yes, plenty of players willing to rob fleets out there.

    And how would the program know who recruited said new fleet member?
    Someone is still going to have to type it in. Who gets that honor?

    The person who sends the invite? The recruit who accepts the invite?
    Who would you trust to enter that bit of data?
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  • hansi5hansi5 Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    edited May 2018

    Well thought that it was if they could put it in the game mechanic, that it was the system so lay in the member so recruited a new one, not that one should, thought it was possible, since the system is already putting in date so members join a fleet.

    So I thought it's a question of programing to the Rooster list, so one can see who recruited who, not that one can put it in manualy, that can be done already, by comment's, and that would not work.

    The best way had been if the developers could make it so that the system had automaticly puttet it in the Rooster list, and when the list was being exported, the data would come after the date so the new Fleet Member joined.
    When a new member join, the system is adding the join date, that's why I'm wondering it there is a possibility to program in who was the recruiter, by the dev's.
    But off course it has to work in with the game mechanic.
  • mneme0mneme0 Member Posts: 392 Arc User
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