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agarwaencranmalk#7586 agarwaencranmalk Member Posts: 25 Arc User
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I know, one thread like this pops up all the time... But I didn't found a newer one and since the topic is still current (and will be even more with the launch of victory is life) I think it's time for another try.

Dear Devs,

can you please increase the 500-member-limit for fleets? maybe a "pay zen for more than 500 people"-option would be working too.

Greeting from the german side of the internet


  • americanbamf#5789 americanbamf Member Posts: 48 Arc User
    well if your fleet is big enough you could always do what the other big fleets do and make spinoff fleets to your original fleet and have all fleets under one armada MACO fleet does it and you see like 5 to 10 of those fleets running around thats just a example that is a workaround for the 500 problem. what you do is have one of your officers from your fleet along with a few others to start the new fleet spinoffs that way you still would maintain control over the fleets activities and still be Leader or officer in the spinoff fleet and have say so and what goes on then have every new player recruited join those and to cut down on newbies you could have another spin off fleet that is a training fleet of your main fleet to send player below a certain level to it and players get trained up and join the spinoff fleet or your main fleet . and advertise in the fleet description of what fleet is what this is x fleet of main fleet x or this is x training fleet of main fleet x or something like that bigger fleets do it all the time on console and they are armadaed together to keep tabs on each other and to help out each other .
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