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LeVar Burton, Season 14, and more details from our STLV Panel!



  • meimeitoomeimeitoo Member Posts: 11,461 Arc User
    ltminns wrote: »
    Apples and Oranges. There was no Voyager/Pathfinder bundle before there was the Interior. It all came out together, though you may have picked up the lower Tier ships individually before the Bundles. Remember when it first came out you had the new T6 Pathfinder to add the Interior to as well as the larger Bundle. You couldn't have bought the T6 ship by itself.

    When the T6 Pathfinder came out, I bought it (interior included). That was a single package deal, only valid the first weekend. After that, if you wanted the interior, you had to buy the entire bundle, but *couldn't* if you already owned an Intrepid class ship (in my case, the T5 The Long Range Science Vessel Retrofit). Hence why I said "Don't pull some lame cr*p saying I already own a Galaxy, and therefore am uneligible to obtain the full Galaxy bundle, and thus the interior."
    So maybe the Interior will be part of the Anniversary Giveaway and put into the C-Store for purchase for afterwards. They should add the Voyager Interiors to the C-Store as well and stop this madness.

    Zactly! Just make the Galaxy interior pack available for purchase: standalone or in combination with a 'T6 Galaxy Premium Remastered Edition.' But don't lock ppl out, after the first weekend, just because they had the audacity to already possess a previous Galaxy class ship, like you did last time.

    @ambassadorkael Still hoping for an official clarification on this, please.
  • carguy1701#7145 carguy1701 Member Posts: 42 Arc User
    jcsww wrote: »
    spiritborn wrote: »
    spiritborn wrote: »
    Hmm I am pretty sure there's not gonna be any Dominion content in the next season, it seemed like that was hinting on what would happen in season 15 or 16.
    not quite. New expansion next summer.
    true and the update said that season 14 would launch in October so season that will be the next expansion will not be season 14, that was my point, that people shouldn't expect dominion content in season 14 as it will be launched months before the next expansion will be launched.

    Summer of 2018 seems very self-explanatory.

    Eh, if you really want to split hairs, summer 'begins' for most people in America with the Memorial Day holiday weekend, even though the actual beginning of summer is in June.
  • carguy1701#7145 carguy1701 Member Posts: 42 Arc User
    jcsww wrote: »
    Like someone mentioned, it will probably be sold in a similar way to the Voyager interior. I bought the TOS ship interior bundle even though I already owned the TOS Connie and bought the Voyager bundle just for the interior. The only Galaxy variants outside what I used leveling tokens to acquire other are the MU Guardian, Galaxy X, and the T6 Galaxy X. Hopefully the MU Guardian skin and parts can be used on other Galaxy variants. Because of the different variants though and possible interiors, I wouldn't be surprised if there is a mega bundle of everything and then smaller packs like the Galaxy bundle with standard and Future Imperfect interiors, Galaxy X bundle with All Good Things interior, and a Generations bundle with interior. I do hope the interiors do include the Battle Bridge on a lower deck.

    Uh, the Guardian is a completely different ship from the Galaxy variants, my dude.
  • carguy1701#7145 carguy1701 Member Posts: 42 Arc User
    anodynes wrote: »
    meimeitoo wrote: »
    @ambassadorkael Hmm, will this new Galaxy interior be available on all current Galaxy ships we already own?! Will it be only on a new Galaxy ship we need to buy? Or will it be like a bridge pack?

    I'd put good money on it being usable on all of the Galaxy family of ships, at the very least, but also on you having to purchase it to do so, in whatever fashion that they decide to make it available. No special screen-replica full interior has been free to begin with ever before, and I don't see that changing now.

    I hope so. I just upgraded to a Fleet T6 Galaxy, I would rather not have to buy another ship.
  • captaincelestialcaptaincelestial Member Posts: 1,134 Arc User
    I heard there was a problem with those who bought the Pathfinder during the last time they promoted the Intrepid/Voyager interior if people bought the lower teir ships of the Intrepid bundle....

    I got to see that first hand. I see the three variations appear to be available to me in the C-Store, but I'll have to buy them individually, it seems. Bummer, considering I bought the last Pathfinder when they offered the Intrepid interior again (the last time).

    I've already own all of the Galaxy variants (thusfar) except for the Fleet-versions.

    Hmmm, I forget if T6's were introduced with Delta Rising? If so what if T7 (or T6-Us) were introduced with 'Victory Is Life'?
  • captaincelestialcaptaincelestial Member Posts: 1,134 Arc User
    spiritborn wrote: »
    I could imagine the dominion being upset about
    that Jem Hadar that got killed in Brushfire
    , maybe a threat on a similar scale to the iconians? Maybe some idiot went to Dewa and T'ket is annoyed so that one is going against 10 other iconians and a galaxy? Maybe bigger... Maybe there we will be visiting a different galaxy who also struggled with the iconians, want revenge but we won't let them so they hate us.... so many possibilities.
    The founders don't really care about "solids" so a death of single Jem'hadar (who are cannon fodder anyway) would not matter to them 1 bit nor would probably care one bit about the So'na that we killed dispite what so'na captain claimed

    I'd wonder if Dominion knew the So'na were holding that Jem'hadar Alpha, or if they were using him as a bargaining chip?
  • mirrorchaosmirrorchaos Member Posts: 9,757 Arc User
    I'm diggin the future of STO at this moment and looking forward to seeing what Cryptic has in store within the next year. I can happily say after spending months on another MMO without much content coming at least nothing confirmed yet, Cryptic have surprised me by announcing this potential so soon, good on Cryptic.
    T6 Miranda Hero Ship FTW.
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  • monodosomonodoso Member Posts: 489 Arc User
    > @tigeraries said:
    > Nice but I still miss the visor... So Nexus huh? Shatner out of the question?

    Good luck getting the Shat to do anything without a lot of money attached to it
    Fleet Admiral of the U.S.S. ATTILA KHAN-CDA (NX-921911).
  • chozoelder2ndchozoelder2nd Member Posts: 440 Arc User
    ltminns wrote: »
    The Galaxy, on the other hand already has a lower Tier bundle and the T6's for the Galaxy and Galaxy-X have already been released, so there is no place to put the Interior, except by itself,

    I would gladly purchase the interior by itself.

    or as a Giveaway.
    I don't see them being that generous.
    I wouldn't mind being surprised.
  • chozoelder2ndchozoelder2nd Member Posts: 440 Arc User
    meimeitoo wrote: »
    Zactly! Just make the Galaxy interior pack available for purchase: standalone or in combination with a 'T6 Galaxy Premium Remastered Edition.'

    I already own every Galaxy variant. I would no longer be interested if it was locked to a large ship bundle where I'd have to pay nearly 6k Zen or more and I would only be getting the interior. Standalone is the best option given how long the Galaxy ships have been out.
  • chozoelder2ndchozoelder2nd Member Posts: 440 Arc User
    edited August 2017
    I wouldn't mind if the interior was sold like the DS9 bundle. Toss in a couple of TNG items in there as well (Beverly's coat, some doffs, phaser pistol and rifle, ect.) and call it a day.
  • tilartatilarta Member Posts: 1,705 Arc User
    aspartan1 wrote: »
    I thought it may be interesting and a twist if they would introduce career only characters. For example, Vorta for science, Jem'hadar for tactical, and Cardassian for engineer... I really want to play a Jem'Hadar and a Cardassian one day....

    An intriguing suggestion.

    But as I do not enjoy playing Engineer, I am not in favor of restricting a species to that class.
    Especially considering I am really looking forward to having a Cardassian Science Officer.

    I wonder if playable Cardassians would come with their own restrictions though, unlikely as it seems.
    There's a line in a DS9 episode (stated by a Cardassian) that all their scientists are female and all their military command officers are male.
    In context of STO, that means all Tactical Cardassians would be male and all Science Cardassians would be female.

    Bees like honey, they don't like vinegar.
    Everytime someone makes a character that is an copy of an existing superhuman, Creativity is sad :'(
  • shadowfang240shadowfang240 Member Posts: 32,068 Arc User
    any such gender-profession restrictions will have been abolished shortly after the federation forced freedom, democracy and equality on the cardassian people at phaserpoint​​
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  • reyan01reyan01 Member Posts: 12,663 Arc User
    ltminns wrote: »
    The Galaxy, on the other hand already has a lower Tier bundle and the T6's for the Galaxy and Galaxy-X have already been released, so there is no place to put the Interior, except by itself,

    I would gladly purchase the interior by itself.

    or as a Giveaway.
    I don't see them being that generous.
    I wouldn't mind being surprised.

    I've said it before, and it may sound daft, but I hope they DO charge something for it. If it sells well it might encourage development of additional high-quality interiors.

    I don't know about you, but I'd love a Enterprise-E style Sovereign class bridge, or the Constitution class Enterprise-A bridge or the USS Excelsior bridge (to name but a few) and I'd argue that the chance of new interiors being produced might increase, even if only a little, if it can be proven that interiors CAN = money in the Cryptic/PWE bank account.

  • avoozuulavoozuul Member Posts: 2,367 Arc User
    edited January 2018
    I really couldn't care less about interiors, but if they served more purpose than they have so far I would be all for them.
    Post edited by avoozuul on
  • werewolfborg#2101 werewolfborg Member Posts: 11 Arc User
    I just bought the intelligence outfit and it's free????????? UGHHH
  • talorian#5634 talorian Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    Any idea where the promotional keys are? Not on the C-store
  • ak255ak255 Member Posts: 317 Arc User
    LMAO! Nice linking to a key sale BACK IN AUGUST mr. "Community Manager".
  • ak255ak255 Member Posts: 317 Arc User
    *Clicks "Discuss this on the official forums" link for today's announcement*

    Yep, taken here again. Doing a great a job at copy-n-paste.
  • mathewprime1mathewprime1 Member Posts: 95 Arc User
    This is great and all but I got one question.. are the Emotes account unlocks? It would be awesome if they are.
    Fleet Admiral Mathew Prime.
  • bwleon7bwleon7 Member Posts: 310 Arc User
    edited January 2018
    why are all the click to discuss links taking us to the same thread lately?
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  • velquavelqua Member Posts: 1,201 Arc User
    Exlcusive to Star Trek Online! A link that takes you back to a necro post.

    Can't wait to try this out!

    :p LOL :p
  • ak255ak255 Member Posts: 317 Arc User
    bwleon7 wrote: »
    why are all the click to discuss links taking us to the same thread lately?

    Because our amazing Community Manager copies and pastes the same link over and over. Shows how much he cares about his job and this game.
  • Interesting... is this one of those temporal phenomenons we were supposed to have left behind us after the conclusion of the temporal cold war?
  • stark2kstark2k Member Posts: 1,363 Arc User
    head to our Facebook and Twitter today through Saturday night for a chance to win a one year subscription to the Star Trek Mission Crate, and the brand new T6 Denorios-class Bajoran Interceptor! Enjoy these new Mission Crates, Captains, and we’ll see you in game!

    How exactly does one enter to win this subscription? I see no option in the Star Trek Online facebook page in entering the competition.
  • dae007dae007 Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    I see no way to enter for the loot crates on Twitter or facebook.
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