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Fleet Uniform suggestion... (QoL Improvement)

themadprofessor#9835 themadprofessor Member Posts: 1,148 Arc User
edited September 2017 in Fleet System and Holdings
As it stands now, Fleet Uniform selections are limited to uniforms that are preloaded at the start of the game. While this isn't too much of a problem for Fed and KDF (the Romulans get screwed over, only having access to the civilian clothes), I feel like STO as a whole can do better in terms of fleet uniforms.

To wit, I have a suggestion to put forth that might be feasible to make this work. @borticuscryptic and @salamiinferno , this is for you.

My thought would be to have a fleet uniform be a tailor unlock (like the reputation sets) that:

1) is only available for wear if the toon is in the fleet

2) is only accessible through the same pulldown tab you use to access off-duty, beachwear, and formal wear to avoid using parts on other uniforms.

3) goes away if you leave the fleet

4) includes uniform parts that are obtainable at game start, through the C-store, Lobi store, Exchange, Mission Rewards, tailor purchases, or fleet tailor purchases. Reputation gear, map-restricted outfits (like Risa swimwear), and armor sets would not be allowed. Of course, the selection would be limited to what the uniform designer has in their own inventory.
This idea would allow for greater freedom of expression in the fleets, encouraging people to wear their fleet uniforms, while at the same time still restricting the use of uniform parts outside of the fleet uniform itself.

Can this or something similar be done?
Mad Science means never stopping to ask "What's the worst that could happen?"

Things I want in STO:

1) More character customization options such as more clothing options like rolled sleeves, adding a "thickness" modifier to hair, and letting the complexion affect the entire body, not just the head.
2) Bridge customization, not bridge packs. Let us pick a general layout and adjust the color palette, console appearance, and chair types, as well as more ready room layout options.
3) Customizable ground weapons, i.e. The aesthetic look of phaser dual pistols but they shoot antiproton bolts.
4) Terran Empire event similar to AoY, complete with new Mirrorverse recruits for all factions.
5) Independent Faction, because yo ho yo ho a pirate's life for me!


  • admrenlarreckadmrenlarreck Member Posts: 2,041 Arc User
    Problem is (this has been discussed before)....

    1) They can only be applied if the toon is currently in a fleet.

    2) Currently they have a separate drop down menu.

    3) You cant delete a costume if you wanted, let alone the bugs and headaches it would cause if they set up an auto delete feature.

    4) Say I set up a fleet uniform that uses several parts from lobi store outfits. Then any new recruit that wants to wear the Fleet Uniform has to then buy several Lobi Outfits. Otherwise the fleet leader could use the Fleet uniform to bypass the purchase of every uniform in game.

    Fleet leader Nova Elite

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