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0718 Android officer tradeable?

Hey,i bought the temperol starter pack with the android officer,in the info it says once opened officer cannot be traded but also says bound to charactor? is it tradeable via person to person?


  • carter60carter60 Member Posts: 193 Arc User
    bound to char as far as i know means it cant be traded in any way , and enjoy your new bridge officer and enjoy the game =)
  • bernatkbernatk Member Posts: 1,089 Bug Hunter
    You can claim it on all of your toons, no need to trade.
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  • xyquarzexyquarze Member Posts: 2,061 Arc User
    But in case you want to make money off him - nope, not possible. Especially since you can reclaim him infinitely often, that would just be a money printing machine.
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