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Advanced Escort missing nacelle

corlunacorluna Member Posts: 9 Arc User
im new to the forums, so it may be that im posting this in the wrong category.

The Advanced Escort modell suffers from a missing warp nacelle. This is an old Bug that was solved with the release of the Hestia Class, but returned with one of the patches after AoY.

This is what it should be like:


Notice the small warp nacelle on top of the saucer?

And this is what it actually looks in game:


This affects all modells of the advanced escort, not only the hestia.

Can you please revert it back to its intended state? Thanks in advance.


  • corlunacorluna Member Posts: 9 Arc User
    edited March 2017
    Problem is fixed now, warp nacelle has returned to its place. I just want to thank you for fixing it. :-)

    Now if the separation pets would not disappear randomly into the nether....but thats a different topic. :D
  • evilmark444evilmark444 Member Posts: 4,691 Arc User
    edited March 2017
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  • welcome2earfwelcome2earf Member Posts: 1,730 Arc User
    Actually, the Nacelle should *not* be visible when not in MVAM mode. The way you prefer it is the wrong way both to intentions and to the i.p. It should NOT be visible at all when the ship is assembled.
  • dabelgravedabelgrave Member Posts: 979 Arc User
    That nacelle has had problems for years. Sometimes it doesn't retract. Sometimes it retracts only halfway. Sometimes it retracts, but is partly through the front of the bay. Sometimes the bay doors don't shut (at least if they'd shut one of the issues wouldn't be visible). It's a gorgeous ship, but that one nacelle rarely works as expected.
  • corlunacorluna Member Posts: 9 Arc User
    edited March 2017
    welcome2earf, sorry, but you are wrong in this case. The Hestia Saucer Nacelle was ALWAYS visible, thats how the ship was designed, you can see it on the picture above, its from the official preview blog. With MVAM active the saucer just lifted up on some sort of pylon, as all the other variants do. And if you look carefully, you can see the nacelle even on the normal Prometheus, its just slightly hidden behind the bridge, as you can see here:


    The bug had this nacelle completely disappear, exept for active MVAM, even the separation animation did not show it.


    Just the bay in which it should lie was visible...empty.
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