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What are your crew's backstories?

I find creating your own character's backstories fun.


  • peterconnorfirstpeterconnorfirst Member Posts: 5,147 Arc User
    edited December 2016
    Sorry OP, I’m exclusively into Winter Wonderland RP mode at the moment where Q thought it to be funny to teach my selfish Bajoran pilot-toon and first officer of my main a lesson! She recently trashed 300 mil ec of my toon-fam’s wealth on a useless turret she wanted to have and may now learn the true meaning of Christmas...

    She has been chosen to fulfill Santa Claus’ responsibilities this year and see to it that each and every of those “retar*ed little human children” will get their desired presents. Succeed and she may pursue her roles as first officer. Fail and Q will drown her in hot milk.

    Either way I'm having fun as well OP. >:)
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    felisean wrote: »
    teamwork to reach a goal is awesome and highly appreciated
  • theraven2378theraven2378 Member Posts: 5,510 Arc User
    My crew are completely crazy, fighting wars for the best part of 10 years does that to their psyche
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  • jamieblanchardjamieblanchard Member Posts: 382 Arc User
    Interesting that you ask this. For some of my toons, they are based upon characters from my own original verse, and as such, some of them are also the bridge crews of the other characters!

    And then, my head-canon is also host to a G.I. Joe/McHale's Navy crossover, so naturally, I have boffs representing characters from those.
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  • thunderfoot006thunderfoot006 Member Posts: 4,063 Arc User
    Crew? Haven't had one of those since the Skills Revamp, lol. So, I have no backstory for them. I did a short backstory for each of my five chars but since I don't RP much past saying "Qa'pla!" or "Jolan Tru" in chat once in a while, this eventually became pointless.
  • smokebaileysmokebailey Member Posts: 3,388 Arc User
    My main toon, Cassy Morrison, is an alien of unknown species (she don't even know where she came from, having been raised on a human colony, her 2 human mothers found her in a pod, ala Goku, and raised her). The colony was made on a super earth like planet in the neutral zone (it was founded before the Federation was founded) and she serves Starfleet like the 3rd and 4th doctors from classic Doctor Who helped U.N.I.T. She's explored large areas of the galaxy, and seen many amazing things on the planet she calls her home, and is a sorta helper guide and advisor. She's also an advanced scientists, like Washu from Tenchi, and, to help the Federation, she founded the Galaxy Rangers, named after the famous group of the early 22nd century, a rag tag team consisting of Federation, non Federation, and civilian members....doing missions for the Alliance that the Federation, Klingon Empire, and Romulan Republic can't or won't do.....but out in the open, not in secret like Section 31, and do not abuse and bully like Section 31 does. Watching the old series, Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers will give you an idea. They headquarters is the Galaxy Dreadnought, USS Cydonia. Her personal ship is the Temporal Constitution class, USS Hoagland.

    My other, Ace Rimmer, is the Trek verse take on Red Dwarf's Arnold J. Rimmer. In this verse, Rimmer's a dashing, gallant swashbuckler type, who is also was also one of the human augment embryos, and was created by Section 31 as an obedient super trooper. However, he has a conscience, and the other super troopers went berzerk when an over ambitious Section 31 officer wanted to make them more ruthless and tried a chemical gas on them to speed their development. Ace was not in the barracks at the time. The super troopers who was not recaptured escaped. Ace was going to be put in stasis like them, but Quinn requested Ace get to join Starfleet and live a real life, and the S31 prats, being the prats they were, insisted a clause where Ace is required to hunt his fellow super troopers down, or he's gonna be in a stasis pod indefinitely. Let's just say Ace and Franklin Drake really don't like each other. He is on a mission to take Section 31 down. His ship is the Excelsior class, USS Annunaki.

    Mariko is my AoY. She was from the Kelvin verse, and first officer on the USS Yorktown, captained by Admiral Garret. The Yorktown, on a mission to take out some spheres in the expanse, was assisted by the USS Annunaki when the YT was being under siege by the Sphere Builders' Klingon stooges. Mariko lead a wing of shuttle craft to distract the Klingons while Ace and android 0718 led an away team to take out the sphere, and help the Annunaki distract the Klingons to give Yorktown a chance to repair. Once the sphere was kaput, the explosion disabled 2 of the aforementioned shuttle crafts, Mariko was piloting one of them. The with the Sphere Builder ships approaching, and the remaining Klingon ships in pursuit, with no time for the shuttles to get back to Yourtown, Ace had the Annunaki tractor beam the shuttles and go back to the 25th century with them. Mariko, via special dimensional communication from admiral Garret, promoted her to captain, and was offered a command in the prime Starfleet. After a few weeks, Mariko got a surprise: A brand new Kelvin Constitution appeared via a dimensional portal, at Utopia Planetia shipyards, with the name "USS Yorktown, NCC-1704-A" The Yorktown also serves as a symbol of cooperation between both Starfleets. The Cassy Morrison from the Kelvin Timeline serves as her first officer.

    I'll post more character information, later.
  • theraven2378theraven2378 Member Posts: 5,510 Arc User
    I'm considering making a Thrawn boff using the the Kelvin admiral costume in the white colour scheme
    I.S.S. Harbinger
    "The Harbinger of doom, Long Live the Empire"

  • skullblits#4627 skullblits Member Posts: 1,273 Arc User
    edited December 2016
    I made all my boffs as tall as possible.

    then I like to think I found them on a planet where there elders ( very tall ) invented ceiling fans. but due to them having low ceiling's they all lost there heads to the ceiling fans.

    so I rescued them. and taught them that ceiling fans are really bad because they are soo tall.

    my imagination isn't very good.
  • nefarius2nefarius2 Member Posts: 107 Arc User
    My main toon is from an alternate universe very much like the current STO universe with some minor variances. He remembers dealing with a Terran warlord by the name of O'Brien, crossing paths with Gul Dukat's progeny and swears that a certain Deltan Admiral on Starbase 39 is an Undine infiltrator. Through some timey whimey stuff his universe has somehow merged with the current one. Suffice to say he and his crew have spent some time in counselling.
  • boachevboachev Member Posts: 131 Arc User
    edited December 2016
    For most of my characters I haven't really given that much thought. Most of em' are members of Starfleet/Romulan Republic/KDF or what have you. But I have put a little thought into a few...

    Ermak Boachev: My main character I play, he's a male Saurian engineer. Boachev originally hails from one of the most northernmost inhabited regions of Sauria. His love of engineering came from this, due to the necessity of staying warm (and comfortable) throughout the (by Saurian standards) relatively unforgiving winters there. Trapped at home for weeks at a time, the young Ermak took to tinkering to help pass the time (and as a useful skill in case the heat went out). And, like many Saurians, he also found Saurian Brandy to be a truly wonderful way to keep warm and continues to enjoy a responsible amount of the beverage whenever he can. While at Starfleet Academy, Boachev also became somewhat fascinated with the history of Eastern Europe, as that region of Earth mirrors much of the history of that of his home region back on Sauria.

    One of my longest serving BOFFs among Boachev's crew, Selvok is an elderly, overweight, dark-skinned Vulcan that seems about as ornery as his Vulcanness will allow. Selvok is considered to be a brilliant doctor and expert in the biologies of countless species thanks to both his dedication and his staggering amount of time in Starfleet. In fact, some purport Selvok to be the longest serving member of Starfleet, or at least the longest serving never offered his own command, though no one has actually established the validity of this claim (and broaching the subject with Selvok usually only elicits a response compromised of indecipherable mumblings interspersed with rants about how "illogical" command staff tend to be). Though almost certainly now somewhere over 200 years old, Selvok has shown no signs of slowing down and seems content to continue his medical studies, patching up crewmen who still manage to surprise him with the foolish new ways they find to injure themselves, and he even seems to begrudgingly revel in his role as one of Captain Boachev's most trusted advisers.

    Valmus R'vok: A native of Romulus, Valmus R'Vok grew up during what history will likely look back on as the peak of the Romulan Star Empire. Valmus dedicated himself wholly to the Empire he loved, and found his calling working as security and later special forces in the Romulan military. During the Dominion War he gained a reputation as an unflinching, ruthless officer from those under his command. Cold as his tactics and demeanor may have been, the results were unquestionably effective and ultimately R'Vok received a great deal of accolades for his exploits during the war. However, it was R'Vok's time serving aboard the IRW Khazara that he remembers most fondly. It was aboard that vessel he was able to tour much of his Empire and see the true scope of the accomplishments of the Romulan people, and is was Commander Toreth who became the shining example of the kind of Romulan Valmus one day hoped to be. R'Vok was fortunate, or unfortunate depending on your point of view, to still be serving aboard the Khazara whent he Hobus supernova destroyed Romulus. In an instant, the grand empire Valmus loved was wiped from the stars... ...but a piece of it remained in his heart. R'Vok still believes in the Romulan Star Empire, but finds the claim to the title from Empress Sela to be absurd and her government to be a sick bastardization, a pale shade, of the once true empire. Valmus now serves with the Romulan Republic who, while not the Romulan Star Empire either, at least make no false pretensions about who they are and have shown a genuine dedication to the well-being of the Romulan people. In defiance of both governments, however, Valmus R'Vok still proudly boasts his vessel(s) to be the Imperial Romulan Warbird; a reminder to the Romulan Republic of the greatness that once was, and a slap in the face of the Tal Shiar for their delusions in pretending what they are not.

    He's also happy to see Toreth now spends her days studying E'Pohhs. It's a far cry from her old career, but it's incredibly important work for the future of the Romulan people and if anyone has earned the right spend their day studying harmless, furry creatures, it's Toreth.
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