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Skill calculator ???

lordmalak1lordmalak1 Member Posts: 4,587 Arc User
Does anyone know if there is a calculator for playable character skills that show effects with certain equipment , specifically movement and maneuverability?


I have a Sovereign cruiser (base turn rate=7), standard mk10 impulse engine. I would like to achieve a speed of 24 @ 35 engine power and a turn rate of 14 in system space.

What is the minimum amount of skill points I must invest in 'Starship impulse thrusters' and/or 'driver coil' to achieve this, and how many Mk 'whatever' RCS consoles are needed ?

What if I use a Mk XI Hyper engine instead, how many skill points and RCS consoles will I need ?

<edit> nevermind, I made one.
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  • eleakraseleakras Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    edited December 2012
    Sorry I know I am steeling this thread, but I can't open an own. ^^

    At the next two days I haven't access to the internet.

    So does anyone has a skillplaner in excel or any other possibility to plan my chars offline? Would be awesome. ^^
  • quiscustodietquiscustodiet Member Posts: 350
    edited December 2012
    - At 35 Engine Power, you shouldn't use Hyper-Impulse Engines but Combat-Impulse Engines.

    - Assuming you're not including temporary buffs, I don't think 24 Speed is possible at 35 Engine Power (but I can't test, my Engine Power doesn't go below 49~51/25 on any char), on any Ship. Even less so on a .15 Impulse Ship.

    - Turn rate: at 35 Engine Power, you'll have trouble reaching 14, I'd think.
    Just know your RCSes (assuming Purple XIIs) add 1.6 Turn rate to your Sovereign, regardless of Power Level and that, IIRC, your Ship's base Turn rate is at 50 Engine Power, any lower and it turns slower than advertised.

    - Driver Coil doesn't do **** in System Space, outside of FI.

    - Max Impulse Thrusters anyway. Speed doesn't only contribute to defense, it also allows you to reach targets faster, which is an end in itself.
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  • hereticknight085hereticknight085 Member Posts: 3,783 Arc User
    edited December 2012
    You won't hit 24 speed with ANY engine at 35 power. Not in an AC. You won't hit 14 turn rate with ANY engine at 35 power. Not in an AC.

    I own a sovy, and I also cannot test this because my engines never drop below 39 engine power even set to 25. But sufficed to say, what you're asking for is impossible, regardless of how your skills are set up.
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