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Issues with PVP combat

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edited January 2010 in PC Gameplay Bug Reports
First and foremost, balance. The gameplay mechanic as it is allows a fully loaded side to face off against a single person. This is thoroughly unacceptable unless some extraordinary award is involved to compensate that lone player for their extraordinary patience with being constantly killed and having no chance to fight back. If you want to know what this feels like have someone inject you with a paralytic and then beat you up.

Secondly is the wonderful issue of spawning, and being killable, but not being allowed to fight back at all. I have had this occur with both factions. You spawn, can move about, even fabricate turrets and sometimes even shoot, but your efforts have absolutely zero effect. This is a game breaker pure and simple. If this issue is not eradicated by release day then the game will fail on day one as dedicated players want to do PVP and get there only to find that this major gameplay aspect is thoroughly broken.

Thirdly, the issues of unclear mission goals relating to PVP. missions with PVP goals are cryptic in their wording and provide little or no clue often as to what you are supposed to be doing to complete them. Worse still, many of them seem to be outright broken. I have played every variety of PVP available and yet there are still several mission incomplete that by all rights should have been completed.

Finally, having klingons strongly oriented to PVP is a good thing. What is bad, is that there is no way for a Klingon player to catch up to a federation player because PVP is the ONLY way for them to go anywhere. By the time a Klingon character starts they face horrendously strong opposition from the federation players in the form of a singular inferiority in gear. The devs may be aiming for gear to make lnot so much difference, but in the end a fully kitted out and experienced federation player has an extraordinary advantage over even high level klingons due to the overcomplicated currency mechanics and the Klingon player being unable to pick up anything in the progress of normal game play.

In short, Klingons need something to do other than PVP and the fleet actions and defense missions are absolutely pathetic excuses for alternatives due to their being more of the same.
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