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So, I was beaming down to the surface of several planets, and I noticed... my away team always flakes out on me! :( So I decided every now and then to go ahead and atempt to beam back up to my ship to force those guys to come back down and join me, when I had accidentaly hit the "cancel" button when I had the choice to select the server for sector space.

Low and behold! I was invisible and zooming past the enemies without getting harmed. I attacked a couple and they just stood there like brainless drones. I managed to kill a whole map, and finish my missions without a single shot hitting me. I guess it's a backup I received for every time my team decides to sneak back to the ship and leave me to do the dirty work.

Maybe this little issue will catch the Devs eyes, and start pushing the away teams to come on down and join the players. ;)

PS: Not being a ship on land would be nice too. Just saying.


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    Oh and to summarize this and make it easier to understand (first two have been issued multiple times):

    1.) I keep beaming down to ground as a ship.

    2.) Away teams don't join you when you beam down a lot, and they take forever to join up.

    3.) If you click "Beam Up" and cancel choosing the server/instance you want to go to, your player stays on land and remains invisible. You can then run around the map completing the mission without getting attacked by the enemies, but you can attack them.
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