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Space Combat Bugs

SystemSystem Member, NoReporting Posts: 177,991 Arc User
edited January 2010 in PC Gameplay Bug Reports
I've reached level 12 in the cruiser and are starting to notice odd qirks in space combat happening. I would consider some of these bugs but it might possibly be a feature or not.


Target behind asteroid/base - With phasers, they constantly spam there animation of the phaser plus the sound at the target over and over but they cannot hit or target the target

Torpedoes - Sometimes they volley and sometimes they don't, I'm not sure if this is a bug or not but sometimes it can fire 2 or 4 and with torpedo spread I've had up to 9 fire at once before.

Torpedoes at impulse - I've been able to get my cruiser to fire torpedoes forward when the torpedoes are in the back slot when coming in at full impulse, your ship drops out of full impulse as the target hits 10km and the torpedoes suddenly come out the back slot and fire forward.

Photon/Qauntum Mines - If you have just warped into a fleet action battle, all the mines are the enemies indications and as noted above in target behind " ", the phasers will stat firing at them animation and sound wise over and over.

Shields - Again, I'm not sure if this is a bug or not. I have energy in the shield power figure and are out of combat, but the shields do not always start recharging immediately, I have found multiple times I have to click the centre of the shields, which is the balance all shields button to get the shields to recharge.
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