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Some bugs

SystemSystem Member, NoReporting Posts: 177,986 Arc User
edited January 2010 in PC Gameplay Bug Reports

-Occasional log out; normaly every 10-20 minutes no settings i've tried can prevent this. (has been getting alot better)


-Ocasionaly when switching between planetside and space areas, my avatar from the last area will load and possibly stay around for abit, holding all the controls and such related to that avatar. (Person in Space/Ship on planet) Has just required me to wait till the other loads. Genrally found this happens more with large teams. (all players load the wrong avatar then all change at the same time; usaly corraspoding to the next mission message)
- Havnt been able to leave teams. On Leave command i get the confrimation box and click "ok" but then either it dosnt happen or the game dissconnects. (working on weather the dissconects are related). (also ive only ever tried to leave teams in sector sapce)
-Rapid fire torps Did at one point fire 2 volleys of torps without cooldown, though i havnt been able to reapeat this, it isnt from lack of trying. (Happend in a large team during space npc combat)
-Message keep repeating. When in a team (normaly an Open team) ive found that some of the message boxes keep repeating after i've gone through them; (possibly once for everyother player and agn for when they choose another message option??) makes combat difficult when messages are popping up and reducing your speed to 0.

Those are the ones I've experinced myselfa and apart from the game crashes I've been having a great time. Thanks.
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