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Feedback Pulse.

odinforever20000odinforever20000 Member Posts: 1,804 Arc User
Greetings Devs..Can we have the old Feedback Pulse Back..or..Part of it?

Minor history lesson for those who dont know.. Season 13 brought a Sledge hammer to that ability.

1.) The damage reflection can no longer critically hit
2.)The percentage of reflected no longer scales with damage bonuses (Not even exotic only bonuses)
3.)The percentage reflected is now capped at 50%, 75%, or 100% based on rank (You cant reach the maximum at any rank without the Improved Feedback pulse trait)
4.)The default reflection amount is now significantly lower at each rank
5.) It reflects that ENERGY damage type back at the attacker. So, if an attacker invests or has invested some points in damage resistance, the feedback pulse damage will take the damage resistance into account before applying its final damage amount (Which is already reduced by 50%).

So..Can we have most of this back? A compromise of cant critically critical hits and can only be scale EPG and Exotic Damage bonuses?

Rouge Sto Wiki Editor.


  • trillbuffettrillbuffet Member Posts: 515 Arc User
    Most likely why it got nerfed was the upcoming things like the temporal spec and the discovery stuff. I have a fleet qoj dreadnought if anything thinks about a quick vaporize of it all that happens is they eat a pile of nasty reflect combined with the power of math. Its still super powerful its just you have to combine powers that sync with it. Like the nanoprobe feedback and all those consoles that increase hull amount + exotic damage. The buran I believe is the federation counterpart it should work there too the strength of this kind of build with the discovery rep is you can go as low as you want with damage resistance because its going to take one grethor of a pounding before you even are remotely taken down below 90% so you can let them get full power to it but with all those reflect like powers combined with feedback pulse itself and they eat their own raw damage while it barely scratches you. Is one of the advantages to the rep set is that people think its useless but if you understand basic math its one monster of a set. I'm just waiting for something like viral impulse except for weapons where it gives a target like 5000 weapons power so that the target kills themselves instantly.
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