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A wish list

monkeyboy11a wrote: »
This would be my wish list for STO.
1) allow the players to be able to change our specialization in any map. Would make the random stf or tfo more palatable.
2) since they've made some definitions with carriers/flight deck cruisers, how about defining what makes a battle cruiser a battle cruiser. How about making all battle cruisers tactical centric and have a 5/3 weapon layout instead of the 4/4 cruiser standard.
3)make the z-store more intuitive. Give us a tab for ship classes. Cruisers/science/escorts/other/etc.
4) give all escorts pilot maneuvering capabilities.
5) make specialization points universal account unlocks. It would make having Alts far far more enjoyable and would allow players to roll more characters without handicaps. Which means more ship sales character slots boff slot sales etc.
6) Once a character unlocks lvl 15 on an R&D category make it an account unlock for all toons on that account giving all alts access to those traits. This and the idiotic specialization point grind are the reasons why I don't really bother leveling anymore alts as its just a pain.
7)Let us dress up our space barbies how we want! Sick of having these Romulans who can't be dressed up in Starfleet uniforms or Klingon armor. If they're serving on a fed ship at least let us dress em up a bit and give them a starfleet combadge.
8) How about a Ship refit system. I love a few ships in game, unfortunately their console or station layout is TRIBBLE.
Once we've bought the ship, how about allowing us to use that ship's layout on other ships. Say using the ship layout of the Paladin on the Narendra or Gagarin on the Galaxy. I know it would go a long way from making me feel like I didn't waste my time getting a ship that's been benched cause there's a newer more powerful ship now.

Anyway that's my wish list for this game.


  • nightside#8350 nightside Member Posts: 10 Arc User
    Speaking of tabs by ship type, how about when you go to buy a ship, you have a "sort by currency" drop bar? Sifting through fleet, dilithium, and promotion rank ships vs. Zen. this could benefit Zen people as well who only want to spend that currency.
  • sthe91sthe91 Member Posts: 1,110 Arc User
    edited September 15
    I agree with most (1,2,3 on your wish list) except that not all escorts need pilot abilities to be better. Sometimes the pilot needs to be better and use their abilities better.

    Now Romulans (except Lib Borgs, Remans, and others, they are working on fixing those) can wear Starfleet or KDF armor (unless they are Lobi uniforms or Fleet uniforms, they are working on fixing those as well).

    Specialization points have to do with leveling up your character, so not sure if there will ever be spec point unlocks, kind of would defeat the purpose since it is leveling after you filled out the skill tree at Level 50 (which I still think they should readjust that to level 60 or so).

    I kind of like the idea of unlocking R&D but why not just set up a toon that you exclusively do crafting on? Can you get those traits and send them through the in-game mail to your characters or has that not been added into the system? You do not need to have all those traits on your characters, that seems overkill to me. Why would you want your alts to be pretty much as your main character?

    As for ship refit system, more in favor of updating the ships that are yet to be updated to Tier 6 completed as well as the original Tier 5 ship skins updated and more options available in ship customization than having such a system.
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  • finsches123finsches123 Member Posts: 77 Arc User
    Even better than the ability to change specializations on any map would be the ability to set separate specializations for space and ground that would automatically change, e.g. Commando on ground maps would change to Strategist on space maps.
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  • nightside#8350 nightside Member Posts: 10 Arc User
    i do like the idea of "commando mode" or some such.. like perhaps you could have "modes" you set for certain stuff. On that note, perhaps a "storage" bin full of equipment you pay for, specifically holding only ship equipment, then you could have a "load out", and perhaps a timer, like 60 seconds, and you click the load out button, then in theory, your ship engineers lock in all those devices in their slots. You could even have duty officers that reduce the load out time, or engineering duty/bridge officers that unlock additional loadouts.

    Fighting Borg is different from fighting Klingons, Voth, etc.
  • Wish List

    1. Adjust/lower respawn time for gorn on nimbus
    2. My pet gripe of all time, the loot spam in PVE, makes me want a valium martini
    3. Elite marks for competitive rep are a hassle, lower team req to 3/3 or something (also, the queues are fun, be nice to actually play them.)
    4. Add lobi outfits to the tailor model viewer

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