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Weapon Cosmetic Visual slot

tilartatilarta Member Posts: 1,708 Arc User
Since I am fond of using set weapons in my ship loadouts, one thing I have noticed is that this tends to end up mismatching the colors a fair bit.
For example, there's a yellow and purple beam in my red antiproton loadout, even though all of them are antiproton.
I'm just waiting for the moment when someone with low intelligence and high aggression starts flaming my ship because it appears to be a rainbow build.

So I am wondering if it would be possible for Cryptic to introduce a cosmetic slot that overrides the weapons visuals to all resemble one consistent effect.

These are the main ones I would use:
1. Antiproton red.
2. 8472 yellow (antiproton variant). This one could be connected to tier 6 8472 reputation.
3. Polaron purple. Dominion variant available from their T6 reputation.
4. Plasma Green. Maybe have a Romulan T6 variant connected to their Reputation.

Bees like honey, they don't like vinegar.
Everytime someone makes a character that is an copy of an existing superhuman, Creativity is sad :'(


  • phoenixc#0738 phoenixc Member Posts: 656 Arc User
    edited September 2
    The weapons cosmetics thing comes up quite often, the usual answer is that people want to see what is firing and that it is more realistic to have weapons look like what they look like instead of substitutes.

    Personally I like the "rainbow" look but I know some others don't. In TOS the ship phasers actually showed blue most often, followed by red, and at least once they were green (that was on wide area stun in "A piece of the Action", which actually matched the type one "cricket" hand phasers set on wide angle stun since they too produced a green flash instead of a red or blue beam on that setting in TOS.

    And I know what you mean by the idiots complaining about what they think may be a rainbow setup, some moron started haranguing me about using a rainbow boat in an advanced que when I was using a pure plasma boat with several different beam colors and effects, I just kept going without bothering to reply. Obviously he did not see the irony of complaining about my supposed inefficiency of build while he sat doing nothing to help the team and typed.
  • coldnapalmcoldnapalm Member Posts: 7,514 Arc User
    It has been asked...repeatedly. There seems to be a technical issue with it however.
  • tilartatilarta Member Posts: 1,708 Arc User
    I'm not really interested in seeing which weapon is firing, when you're blasting out like 4-5 weapons at any given time, I'm not sure why you'd need to identify one of them by visual color.
    And in some cases, l know the non-matching weapon isn't firing anyway because it's in a aft slot and will only fire if I go broadsides to match which side of the ship has the aft weapon.

    Anyway, I just like the idea of unifying the colors, if someone else likes the rainbow look, then they don't have to equip the cosmetic item and keep their default setup.

    But the one case where I'm a bit of a stickler is the 8472 weapons, for fun, I snapped up all the Fluidic beam arrays/turrets I could to make my Nicor resemble the onscreen show version, but when I swapped out some of the weapons to get the set bonuses, the visual synergy was lost.

    Engage SarcasmSnarkMode.executable:
    The moron was "helping" by pointing out to everyone in the team how much rainbow builds suck and how you were inhibiting the team by using one.

    And yes, you are right, I don't get the point of haranguing someone when you should be helping the team
    It's happened to me too a few times, all it gets them is added to my ignore list.
    Which ironically, I have to stop participating to do......
    So right there, two players temporarily out of teamplay!

    Bees like honey, they don't like vinegar.
    Everytime someone makes a character that is an copy of an existing superhuman, Creativity is sad :'(
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