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Ship Bundles and packs

xsi1exsi1e Member Posts: 76 Arc User
I bought the yamato advanced dreadnought the day it came out. Later Cryptic went and made this ship part of the Cross faction advanced dreadnought pack/bundle. But because I bought the ship singularly i can no longer even see the pack/bundle meaning that I have to buy each ship from that bundle/pack at a premium cost and do not get the a discount. Even though when you look at the other two ships from the pack/bundle it clearly states this ship is part of the cross faction advanced dreadnought pack at a discount. How is this fair to the people that bought the ship not knowing that Crypic would later add these ships to a pack/bundle. Why should anyone buy any ships if cryptic is simply going to add them to a bundle at a later date and basically say "tough luck you should have waited" to people that bought them prior? My suggestion is that you let people see the packs/bundles even if they bought a portion of it, also implement a way so that people that already own a portion of a pack/bundle get a discount on the remaining ships of that particular pack/bundle. So that they are not paying 9k zen for a 6k pack.


  • tom61stotom61sto Member Posts: 2,955 Arc User
    Are you thinking of a different ship or bundle? From my memory and the official blogs dealing with the Yamato say that it came out with the Dreadnought bundle. See: https://www.arcgames.com/en/games/star-trek-online/news/detail/9585103 The T6 Voyager did have an issue where it came out of order with a bundle that contained both it and a bundle-only interior, and there was a Galaxy pack, are you maybe thinking of one of those?

    The breaking of 3-packs by buying one ship is still annoying, though. They changed it so that 9-packs aren't broken by buying 1, and there is the Jem'hadar Starter Pack that will discount the larger Jem'Hadar pack by its price, but no movement on 3-packs. It seems likely they want you to have a fear of missing out if you only buy one instead of paying twice as much for two more ships you might, or might not, use and have to pay more later.

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