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Returning Player need to update Ground and Space Builds

Hi team,
Got a Fed ENG in a t6 Fleet Odyssey (the latest version)
and a FED Tac in a Fleet t6 Defiant

I've got 8200 ZEN to play with (Lifetime Sub from way back)
Both ships are running the MACO sets (are these even still useful?)

I like to keep my builds semi canon. E.G my Defiant has Turrets on the rear with a quantum Torp launcher in the middle, Forward weapons array is 3 dual phaser heavy canons, they're all XIV and fully upgraded with a fore quantum launcher too.

The Oddy has straight phaser beams, upgraded to the top level, XIV All my weapons are Very rare or Ultra Rare.

I know this read's rough, but if anyone can just show this noob a straight build as well as which consoles etc and abilities are best to level, I can easily do a full respec and buy what I need.

Is the best way to get EC quick still to sell master keys on the exchange?
Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges
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