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Off-peak role-players, unite!

wombat140wombat140 Member Posts: 963 Arc User
edited August 7 in Captain's Table (RP)
I'm British, and there are rarely any other RPers around when I log into STO and the role-play-focused fleets I've looked at usually seem to schedule their RP events, the ones where they actually do anything rather than just stand around talking about it, for what for me is the middle of the night. Sound familiar?

Role-players from Europe, from Asia, or anyone else who just happens to have a schedule such that they can't play in American peak hours, have a bit of a raw deal. In STO there isn't any one fleet, that I know of, that has enough of us together to give a decent chance of having someone to play with. Of course, if there is any such fleet, one which genuinely is busy at off-peak times, and with actual role-play going on, I'd be very glad to hear about it.

I think we need to all get together somehow. Added together across the game, there might be a decent number of us, and we could organise RP events in our own hours, or not necessarily even events but just "next Tuesday from 5pm GMT is RP day, look out DS9".

We could start a fleet, or all flock to one existing fleet. But speaking for myself, I want to stay with the fleet I'm currently in, at least with my two mains. The other option is we could just form a cross-fleet group via the forum.

Anyone interested? Also discussing this over at STORP.org: https://www.storp.org/45/off-peak-players-unite/
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