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Lower Decks Will Give us an Orion Starfleet Officer

haurianthauriant Member Posts: 142 Arc User
According to TrekCore, Lower Decks' Ensign Tendi is conformed to be an Orion. Let the requests for playable Starfleet Orions (re)commence.

Article: blog.trekcore.com/2019/08/stlv-2019-star-trek-lower-decks-updates-mike-mcmahan-panel/

Image with the Evidence (which for some reason I'm not allowed to put in as an image): https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EBQBxy5UYAA6hR_?format=jpg&name=large


  • starkaosstarkaos Member Posts: 10,923 Arc User
    It will be interesting to see how much Lower Decks will affect STO.
  • markhawkmanmarkhawkman Member Posts: 34,113 Arc User
    Orions have always been interesting because they're one of those races who are not at war with the Feds and only occasionally antagonize them. :D
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  • lordgyorlordgyor Member Posts: 2,555 Arc User
    The Kelvin Universe also has Orions in Star Fleet.
  • haurianthauriant Member Posts: 142 Arc User
    That's one reason I wrote "(re)commence." That and I have to assume it's been asked for, before. Who knows -- depending on what Star Trek Online—Legends is, they may already be planning playable Starfleet Orions. There does seem to be significant Kelvin inclusion in what they're showing about it, so far.

    In general, I am more hopeful for Lower Decks than before I read about their STLV panel. My biggest worry had been that they would be willing to distort Star Trek's lore, science, and portrayal of Federation society. From what they said, it seems they don't intend to do that. I still have some worries, but now I at least trust their aim is to fit a comedy show into Star Trek as established rather than make Star Trek fit a comedy show.

    Ad maybe we get payable Starfleet Orions out of this.
  • rattler2rattler2 Member Posts: 48,651 Arc User
    Maybe. Although it would probably be as a C-Store species like Fed Klingons. But that wouldn't be that big a deal.
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  • phoenixc#0738 phoenixc Member Posts: 649 Arc User
    edited August 7
    In TOS the Orions were supposed to be a small buffer state between the Federation and the Klingon empire that kept their neutrality by playing one against the other to keep the balance. ENT (and the Kelvin universe stuff) reinforced that notion, though DSC seems to have taken a different tack so far and Orions have only shown up there in Klingon territory. The syndicate stuff in DS9 does not really reveal anything, and iirc none of the others had anything to do with them.

    Story wise it makes sense that there would be at least some Orions in the Federation, though game wise I am not so sure that the devs would want to do that since a lot of people seem to play KDF because they want to play Orions and the fake Orions you can do in the Fed or Rom "alien" race generator are not quite the same.
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