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Operation Gamma Weyoun voiceover

jamesbrycejamesbryce Member Posts: 57 Arc User
I noticed today while leveling my JH that when you first encounter Weyoun in the Gamma Quadrant, Jeffery Combs voiceover is being clipped with the original Vorta's voiceover and needs to be turned off to fully appreciate Jeffery Combs as Weyoun.


  • sthe91sthe91 Member Posts: 861 Arc User
    I have also reported on this issue in-game and I believe there are other threads about it as well. Though this is not the only mission where this issue happens. I played Stormbound and most of the voiceovers with the new Kal Dano are in but the old Kal Dano has some spots that were not fixed when they put in the new VO especially in the space portion as well as the Quinn contact at the end that has dialog that does not match the VO. I already posted an in-game bug report about that as well. Also, last night playing Time and Tide there is missing VO and VO that does not match the dialog written for the character. But going back to the thread, yes it would be nice if this voiceover bug would get fixed and they would make sure that they actually test these changes on Tribble for a significant amount of time and then bring them to Holodeck. Thanks. :)
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