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Do the D7 and Intel NaQjej Battlecruiser consoles need a buff?

I know these are Kdf ship consoles that will probably never get a 2nd look but i cant help but try

The D7 console Render Visible is some what under powered for a R&D ship, now i kind of see what was the thought behind both Disco Connie and D7 one console is offensive and other is more defensive in its passive stats but when it comes to the active powers the D7 console is underwhelmy bad as the ship does not deal alot of damage or last more that 10 sec if it fails to hit a target, i would not mind if it got the same pet buff the disco connie console has 25% bonus all damage to pets

now the NaQjej Battlecruiser i want to know if it gets the same damage calculation as ramming speed (and if not why the hell not it is literary a buffed version of it) and why does the ship not get some damage buff on ramming damage


  • tom61stotom61sto Member Posts: 2,955 Arc User
    For the Battlecruiser's console, I believe that they intended it to be used in combination with that ship's trait and torpedos. Stack up Bonus Kinetic damage by firing torps with that trait and then ram.

    For the Miracle Worker D7's console, I think that is intended to be more of a novelty than something heavily DPS enhancing. Just the impression I got from the Livestream they had on these ships.
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